my angel

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I got up extra early, i usally never do ,but i wanted to get to work and be alone for a lttle bit . I opend my ofice door and felt, the rush of cold win i snikerd and relized it was cold as my heart .i sat down in my chair and started to wok on some pappers i was about to call one of my drivers to pick me up some food when a little knock was at the door ,i pinched the middle of my brow and growld
"Come in ." i knew i had a mean tone but i honestly didnt give a damn . I didnt look up because i was thinking it would be one of the sluts that i sleep with ,but usually they dont have a nice soft knock and especially after i told them bye .

"Exuse me sr but im youre new P.A and um ,well --i-im i little bit early but i didnt have anything eles to do ."
The small frail voice was soft and sexy ,i looked up slowly because i never had a slut that sounded like that ,i looked up and i was memorized her Beauty was breath taking ,her skirt huged all the right places and her brests had a deep clevlage and her skin looked like silk soft .i smirked
"Come in ,i didnt expect you to be so early ."

" yes im sorry sr ,i just am a boring person and i didnt know what eles to do " she gave me a slight smile she didnt even reallly give me much attention her look was on me but no emotion. It botherd me because i always have girls throwing themselfs at me and giving me all kinds of emotion ,lord it drove me nuts ,but her she had nothing ,her rosy red lips looked so good and so tasty

"Uh sr ."
I was brought back by The soft voice, i looked at her and couldn't get no words out ,why cant i ,i cant be nervous im matt i never get nervous.
" yes ." Was all i cloud manage to say ,she looked at me and i saw that she had the most bluest eyes ive ever seen inocent and sweet ,she shifted and i looked at her brest and saw them bounce .god danm woman ,she had probally men swooing at her feet . "Well uh ,right your room is across the hall,if there is a phone call and a woman wants me tell her im not here and if its important direct the call to me ." Ah there we go im back to me ,i stood up and gave her the file . The young woman stood up and gazed at me a little distracted in me and i found that cute .

"Im mora by the way ." She took the file and was about to head to the door ,

"Yes i know ms.moon ." I didnt know really i just looked at her papper work , she gave me a confused look and shook her head and walked out . I looked back up and my eyes shifted to her ass ,goddamit i didnt want to but it looked so big to grab .i shook my head and sat back down in my chair it was hard not to think about her ,everything made me go wild inside
no stop matt i never go wild for a girl and especially when i didnt even have sex . I looked back at my watch 2:30 wow time flys i guess ill see how mora is doing with her work ,i got up and went to her room i didnt bother knocking because this is my bulding i can do whatever i want .i opend it and saw her doding her work gracefully.

"Mr.stevens its really unpilite to satre ,may i help you with something ."
Her voice was no more than a soft angle voice ,never herd one but it would sound about right if she was .i smirked and sat in her chair .

"No ,no not really but um-are you married ?"i didnt mean to ask her that, damit .

"What kind of question is that ?" She said with anoyance

"Well ,it was a question so answer it ,please ."
I didnt want to get all mushy so i did my usal attitude

"Well thats a very unprofessional question, but to answer it i do not ."
She said with a frown ,this woman is hard to please
I noded and got back up and went to my offiice .what has got into me and why dose she look like she is in so much pian ,her eyes say it all .

Okay so the first few chapters are kinda lame and boring but i promise you it will get interesting , please vote and read ☻

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