MattyB get's hurt

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MattyB is an 11 years old, he just became 11. He is an rapper and singer on YouTube and this is a story i hope you gonna like :) And This story is not true ;))

One day MattyB wake up early because this was the first school day after the winter break. he going to the bathroom to brush his teeth and thake clotes on, and ficks his hair. he go down the stairs and there is Sarah Grace who eating breakfast with his brother Josh,

"Good morning Matty" Josh said

"Good morning" Matty replayed back

Matty walks to the door and take on his shoes

"Do you not gonna eat Matty?" Josh asked

"No, i don't want to eat now" Matty said

"Hey Matty, remember today you gonna shoot your new video" Josh said

"Yes i know" Matty said back

Matty going to the school the clock is 8.50 AM. When he came to the school there was three boys who stay right front of his eyes,

"Hey Matty you come to the school, haha" one of the boys said

"Yes, can you go i'm gonna go in" Matty said

"No i don't move" the boy said and hit Matty in the stomach two times really hard. Matty can not breathe in five seconds.

"That's happend when you saying i'm gonna move" the boy said

He and the two other boys going inside of the school. Matty can breath again and he walks inside of the school to.

( The boys is 14 years old. three years older then MattyB)

When Matty came in to the school the time started. He have music, and the three another boys who hit him are going to be in the class today, because five of the older grades gonna be there in the time with them.

Matty is little scared of the boys

"Today MattyB is going to perform a little song to us, all of you know that he is popular on YouTube" the Teacher said to the class.

"Matty you can come up here" the Teacher said

Matty going out of his chair and walked up to the teacher there all in the class stired at him.

"Can you set on the music" Matty asked the teacher

"Yes of course" the teacher replayed Back

"Today i'm gonna rap an original song called Turn It Up" Matty sayed to the class and to the boys who are there.

Matty grabed the mickrophone and the teacher take the music on.

MattyB rapping:

"They call me MattyB i got the game on lock, super SWAG Haters mad but they still won't stop. i be rocking these shows base hitting low. You already know that i pic on your iPhone......

When Matty was finish with the song ONE of the 14 years old boy said

"That boy can't rap!! stop rapping your little kid, your parents doing a big mistake when you came to the world"

Matty beeing sad and walk out the door and smelled the door again.

Matty was sitting outside and cryed.

The teacher beeing so angry of the boy who sayed that bad things of MattyB

"GO AND SAY APOLOGIZE TO MATTYB RIGHT NOOW!!" The teacher jelled to the boy who said that to MattyB

(The boys name is Jack)

Jack going out the door and he see Matty sitting and cry.

"What is your problem? I don't gonna say apologize to you because i sayed that i meant!! and you know, you not gonna be an Superstar!! and when you walk into the class you gonna say that i apologize to you, but if you don't sayed i give you an apologize I'm gonna hurt you so much with my to friends!!"

"Okey" MattyB said not so load

Matty and Jack going to the class again and Matty going to his table.

(The school clock "Rrrrrrrr")

all in the class going out and playing and some people talking, but Matty just sitting on a chair.

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