Chapter 3: the truth revealed

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“Won’t you stop badgering her she’s had a lot to deal with,” a soft women’s voice came from the back of the corridor.

“Grandma,” I asked in a confused voice, the other two just said, “mother” and bowed.

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“Mother?” I asked with a sharp tone, my heighted voice made my grandmother jump.

“Yes Serina, in this life I am your wolf mother, as the same for most were’s here,” she took a step closer to me, “We all have given up something to find you, Legrend with his human life, Seline with her family, and me… I gave up your grandfather.”

“Pawpa? Why? He didn’t deserve that! No one deserves that!” I stormed off and slammed my door shut, flying onto my plush king sized bed, and started crying.

How can she do this? I don’t understand… why would she do that to him I know how much she loved him, and then he died in his favorite recliner the night before my 13th birthday.

“Calm down Serina, give her time to explain everything. In time you will understand why these things happen. I will be here to guide you, forever and always.” My wolf said to me, her voice always seemed to calm me in times of distress.

“I don’t know what to do Lylaiya (I named her because I couldn’t be talking to myself)I can’t give up on the kingdom or… the only hope of me ever finding HIM.”

I heard Lylaiya let out a little chuckle then she spoke, “He is closer to you than you think, in your human and wolf worlds.”

With that I lay on the plush bed and fell asleep… I had a dream of me finding him, although his face was darkened, I could tell he was amazingly gorgeous…

After all he is my mate, he could be a sack of potatoes and I would still think of him as a sexy being.

The warmth that my dream gave me was exhilarating, when I woke up I was in such a happy mood that was until I caught the scent of something… beautiful? I walked to my closet and put on a regal gown with a corset torso, it looked very Victorian, and a set of strappy silver stilettos.  I followed the scent, but where it took me was the armory house.

I was told never to go in that place so I left out my curiosity, but that sweet smell of vanilla and honey was lingering everywhere throughout the palace. I had to tell Legrend about this, but how?

When I finally figured it out I went everywhere trying to find him, when I finally came to the kitchen I found him, with another tall guy next to him talking intently. As if on queue the other guy’s head whipped towards me, his eyes were black and mysterious.

“Serina I would like you to meet our finest warrior Oceleez.”

Oceleez’s POV

I arrived at Azmarath early in the morning, I had been in the warrior camp stationed in Europe for over two years. I left before all my friends because I was hand selected by the Alpha’s son.

“Welcome warrior, I see you’ve found the armory house,” the Alpha’s son said, “I am Legrend, I greatly apologize my father couldn’t be here today he had to sign a treaty with the pack in California.”

I nodded in gratitude, “I’m just happy to finally put my skills to keep the royal family safe. I heard your sister has returned is that true?”

He smiled with a chuckle, “Why yes she has… she’s sleeping right now as usual she thinks that this Alpha Female stuff is boring, please follow me to your room.” I nodded to Legrend, he lead me through the house pointing out some things as we passed like the kitchen.

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