Chapter 1

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Narrator's PoV:
(Y/N) walked out of the bus and into the streets of Calatonia. It was a marvelous sight. There were Christmas lights, skyscrapers, churro vendors; It was amazing. I think I'm gonna like it here, (Y/N) thought. Then, she saw a lot of people crowding around a wreck.

She walked up to the crowd and asked, "Hey, what's going on?" An alligator told her, "There's a big talent show here right now! Really good people!" She got curious and walked up to the front of the crowd. She didn't pay attention and she bumped into someone. She heard an "oof!" and looked at what was in front of her.

It was a koala, like (Y/N). He had a red bowtie, a white sleeve shirt, and a blue coat with some blue pants. He looked cute.....

"Hi, I'm Buster Moon."

Just wanted to clarify that I'm writing this because I got to see SING!™ early last week. It was amazing! So I decided to write this "X Reader" story. Also, Buster Moon is my favorite character. Anyway, enjoy the rest of the story!

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