Peter Parker x reader : Sweater weather

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Hey I thought since its was close to Christmas I'd write something Christmassy so if you like the chapter tell me maybe I'll write some more!
You sat by the fire place of your apartment drinking some hot coco. You heard a tap on the glass of your living room window. Peter stood there his fluffy brown hair covered with snow flakes making him look a whole lot cuter. You let him in and gave him a glass of hot coco to enjoy also. "It's so cold outside." He said dusting snowflakes off his jacket.
"I bet it is look how bad it's getting." you said turning on the tv. Peter came and snuggled up next to you making you smile.
"H-h-hey (y/n) I need to tell you something." He looked into your eyes as if he was looking for an answer. You nodded a little blush tinting your cheeks. All of a sudden the electricity went off leaving you two in the dark. Not only that but it was cold due to the fact that the fire place ran on electricity not actual wood.
"Oh um here I'll be right back I have to go grab some candles!" You said escaping the tense environment. You came back with a few lit candles and set  them down on the coffee table in front of you. You shivered at how cold it was getting in the room and Peter noticed.
"Oh um here take my sweater." He said draping it over your shoulders. You then proceeded to snuggle real close to the side of his chest. You started to dose off  when he started talking again. "About that question (y/n)."
You raised an eyebrow. "Yes Peter?" You looked up at him only to have his lips crash onto yours. He pulled away for a second as he laid you down across the couch getting on top of you before smashing his lips back onto yours. Your arms snaked around his neck as you pulled him closer to you.
"I've wanted to do that for so long." He whispered to you. Seconds later the lights all came back on. You smiled at him before wiggling out of his grip.
"I love you (y/n)"
"Love you too Peter." You said blushing.

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