1. In My Head appears!

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Alone in a dark empty home a young girl cries along to the pitter patter of the pouring rain. The sound of a door opens and closes, the young girl looks up, her eyes puffy red, standing before her was a young male who was tan with messy hair "Brother..." she croaked her voice hoarse from her crying "Let's go, Ritsu" Ritsu shakily stands up, holding onto her brother's hand she follows him out of the empty home.

"Ritsu! Hey Ritsu!" Ritsu S. Shion snapped out of her daydream, she wiped away the tears that formed in her eyes "Are you ok?" Josuke asked Ritsu rubbed her eyes "Yeah! Just perfect!" She assured him, the teen boy looked at her quizzically, then Koichi asked "Is something bothering you?" Ritsu smiled and shook her head "No, I'm fine!" She says mixing her Japanese and English "Are you sure?" Okuyasu asked Ritsu stayed silent "...So about Josuke's test score in English class" Josuke groaned "It's hard!" Josuke complained, Ritsu internally sighed happy to change the subject "Josuke if you want you can come over to my place and I can help you" Ritsu offered as they crossed the street, Ritsu walking ahead of the group, when she heard Okuyasu yell "Ritsu watch out!" Ritsu's head snapped to the right, where she saw a truck go barreling towards her. Not knowing what to do Ritsu closed her eyes ready to accept fate, when all of a sudden she heard a boom, followed by a crash, and slowly she opened her eyes, the truck's front was completely damaged. Ritsu looked at her friends, who were looking at her in shock, "What just..." the redhead didn't finish her sentence, Josuke grabbed her wrist and they all ran, they just ran until they found themselves in a secluded alley, the four stopped to take a breather "What. Happened. Back there?" Ritsu asked in a breathy tone, Koichi was the first to speak "I think you have a Stand" the teen girl blinked taken back by the remark "A what?" Ritsu asked Josuke spoke "A Stand. It's like a physical version of your fighting spirit" he explained the best he could, Koichi summoned Echoes Act 3, Okuyasu summoned The Hand and Josuke summoned Crazy Diamond "We have them" Koichi said "So does Yukako Yamagishi and many others here in Morioh" Okuyasu adds, Ritsu looks at her shoes, traditional school shoes that were worn out, as they were once her brother's, "This is crazy. This is all in my head!" Ritsu exclaimed then her own stand appeared, it had a humanoid appearance, having a rather androgynous build with a teal, white and black color scheme and standing about the same height as Ritsu who was almost 200 centimeters. "You! I-I thought it was just side effects from my meds! You're real?" Ritsu asked pointing at her stand, it nodded, Ritsu felt herself getting dizzy, she slowly sat down "This is crazy" she repeats to herself "It sounds crazy but it's real" Koichi says, Ritsu takes three deep breathes, gets up and says "Can we go home? Amy is probably wondering where I am" the three teen boys agreed and all four walked home

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