Chapter One » Aazeen Shahbaz

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"... One hundred and Twenty- Seven
One Hundred and Twenty- Eight.
One hundred and Twenty.."

The calm composed voice spoke, echoing across the chilly night. Like a hushed lullaby against the wind, residing in each corner.

The night was dark. As dark as charcoal, with the brightest of stars. Twinkling with might. With power. Creating the very much needed light, in such times.

The days of autumn had blown away against the wind. As the ripping dawning of winter, fast approached. Marking its dominance against the eerie cold night.

Waves of chilly wind hit,the large mansion. Howling in each corner. Spreading the word of change,

As a low groan ripped from my mouth. My black veil, coming loose on to my raven black hair. Moving forward, I glared at the figure before me, hoping my attempts at intimidation weren't as fruitless as they seemed.

" Sumbal. Please for the love of all that's beautiful. Shut your trap" I whispered, yelled. Hoping my voice didn't echo in the large mansion. Or worse, wake anyone up.

Looking around the dark open space of the courtyard, my eyes landed on the Twenty year old. Laying down on the large cement platform, on top of the roof.

Star gazing.

Hoping, like in many teen movies. That a shooting star would appear and her dream, of having a prince charming would come true; and take her to a land. In which she wouldn't attend school or awake in the early mornings.

Yes, Sumbal was a very keen believer of her dreams.

The voices from the men, coming from the Mosque, outside. Echoed across the midnight air. Spreading in each corner. Making me tense.

We shouldn't be awake, at this hour.

Shifting uncomfortably, I glared  daggers at Sumbal. Who portrayed a look that revealed  nothing of the least worrisome. Making a frustrated groan rip from my mouth.

When will this girl grow up?.

" Shut up Zee. You made me lose count" she mumbled horrified. Daring an outraged look. Making a low scoff escape my lips.

This girls nerve.

" Baba will be here, or Arshad. Sumbal, let's go" I pleaded with the girl. Hoping she would see sense.

We shouldn't be out at this hour. Even if that was, in a seventeen acres Mansion. Like they say, even walls have ears. If someone was to see.
Only the good lord knows, the gossip that would erupt.

" And what? It's just Dad and Arshad. Zee, stop being a wimp, besides I told Mum" Sumbal overly smart voice spoke. Reaching my ears.

Pulling against her arm. I urged her to come downstairs, but a small shrug from her  had me tensing.

The sudden irritation had my insides turning. Inhaling sharply, I jumped off the large chimney like platform, and landed on my feet. With a small thud.

" I'm going and If anyone asks. I'll tell them you're star gazing in the middle of the night. Let's see how that settles with Dad" I muttered harshly, glaring at her through the dark.

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