His Unbroken Ties

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His Unbroken Ties

" Ammar Stop... Please" She whispered softly. Her voice thick with emotions, as she backed away. Tears blurring her vision.

The tall man in front of her paced forward. His dark eyes trained on her light ones; a mission splurging in them.

His thick arms trapped, her small form against the wall. Making her gasp, the bottom of her lip quivering.

" You don't understand do you Aazeen. It was you, it will always be you" he spat. His eyes glistening with unknown emotions, as the reeking smell of alcohol; drifted through her nose. She could feel her heart slamming against her chest. As the handsome man trailed his finger slowly on her jawline, gripping her chin.

" I've loved you, like no man has ever loved a woman. And I swear my beautiful wife. Hell would freeze before I let you go"


Ammar Khan wasn't supposed to see her. He didn't mean to see her all those years ago. Yet, he did. Like a moth drawn to flame, Ammar fought against his demons. Resisting the urge, to wish that the beautiful woman he saw five years ago.

Would one day be his.

Aazeen Shahbaz. A beautiful soft spoken woman, finds her life turned upside down, when her husband dies in a car crash. Heart broken, she travels back to the mesmerizing Valley of Hunza, with her broken dreams and ripped soul.

But life has other plans for Aazeen, when an unlikely proposal comes to her.

Will Aazeen find it in herself to move forward in life?
Will Ammar get the woman of his dreams?

Follow their journey in ' His Unbroken Ties'

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Cover by the amazing Zammurad

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