Why do I need to know where the 'X' on this triangle is? I know the answer but I don't know why I need to know. I'm probably going to stay at the diner for the rest of my life. I just need to know how to carry multiple plates and how to scrub benches and work a cash register.

Some of my friends say that I should get a higher paying job in literacy, since it's my strongest subject. Others say I should be an entrepreneur. My best friend encourages me to get a better job, but she thinks I'd do well as a stripper.

"Not one of those cheap ones. No, you'd be the kind that men pay hundreds of dollars just to see walking down the street." I think were her exact words.

But with everyones wise words aside, I'll still make it no further than the interview. The boss would take one look at my heavy eye makeup and dull words and kick me to the curb. I've decided to do OP. My SATs are later next week and I've had no time to study, what with my graveyard shift at the diner 5 days a week.

It could be considered child labour.

I used to dream of having kids of my own. Now I'm not so sure. I don't make enough for one person. Adding another to the mix would send me over the edge.

It's been almost a week since Harry forced me to give him my number and I haven't received a single text.

After all of that, I get nothing.

It's good, I guess. He and I would never have got along anyway.

I stare at the white clock ticking away above the whiteboard covered in mathematical equations. It's fifth period and I have a free period next. Our teacher announced a pop quiz. I haven't done a pop quiz since I was about 13.

I finished 5 minutes ago. I look around the room at everyone else. They're still slaving away at the questions. Even Alex, the class know-it-all, seems to be struggling. It's not even a double-sided test, either.

The bell rings and the obligatory clatter of things being picked up from desks shatters the silence. The teacher tells us to hand in our tests and we'll receive our results next lesson.

Since its a six period day, I decide to go home early today. I have the day off work tonight so I might get some good study time in this evening.

My apartment is only 5 minutes away from the school if you drive. It's extremely hot today, and I'm almost convinced to turn on the AC but I don't, seeing as though I can't afford electricity bills.

I get out all my books and go to switch off my phone so I'm not distracted, but something catches my eye as the screen lights up. Two missed calls and a text from an unknown number.

Answering a few calls can't do much harm, can it? I reply to the text and call the number. A familiar voice answers.

"hello? Is this a certain waitress?"

"Oh shit. It's you."

"You seem excited. Sorry I haven't called earlier. I'm Harry, by the way. I haven't even introduced myself."

"I know who you are. I'm Jenna."

"Well hello there, Jenna. So I was thinking, we should go out sometime, you know. A date."

"Maybe not, hey? I have work, so."

"Seriously? You have work tonight?"

"No, but even if I did, I wouldn't be able to go anywhere on such short notice."

"How about Sunday?" I thought to myself, today's Friday. I don't really want to go on a date with anyone. Ever, really. I don't like the idea of love, but I know he won't let me go until I say yes


"Yes! I can pick you up at 8. Text me your address, now you have my number. Dress nicely, I know where we can go."

"OK then, bye" I said, not really altogether excited.

I get going studying hard, taking notes and testing myself. I almost forget to text Harry my address.

Me: I'm at Jade Apartments on 7th. Ring for apartment 1034."

Harry: Can't wait ;)

God he uses emoticons.



My shift just ended. It's almost 3 a.m.. We had a fussy customer who refused to pay. We called the police and he was arrested. What fun. I just love my job.

I'm almost asleep at the wheel. I can barely see straight. I'll have to get some sleep before this afternoon. I have a babysitting job.

I probably forgot to mention, I babysit too. I figure I love children so much, and if I can't afford to have them, may as well be paid to be around them.

It's a 3 hour job from 3-6, giving me 2 hours to get ready for tonight.

I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I'm almost excited for tonight. Harry and I have been text-chatting a bit since we arranged the date, and he seems nice enough. He's sorta funny, I guess.

Walking through my front door has never felt so good. The moment I walk through the door, I dump my keys into the bowl by the door with a clash and fall into bed. No time to change, dream-land awaits

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