Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: A True Story

Now let me begin by saying that I'm not gay myself. This isn't some biased text. I'm a supporter of gays, I support gay marriage. But here is a story that I was involved in. It starts in the place of all troubles, AKA the internet.

So I was looking through some things about a band called the 'Black Veil Brides'. In the comment section, a fan was sharing his/her love for this band, as well as the lead singer Andy Biersack. I believe that people have the right to share their love for music without being cyber bullied out of their opinions, but clearly I am wrong, since others don't feel that way. A horde of people who are against BVB (this band has been called 'emo', and is very controversial for some reason) came and began bashing the fan. I wasn't surprised about the bashing, because it's a common sight on the internet. Fans of other controversial artists would also have experience such incidents if they shared their love for bands on social networks or other places. So if it wasn't the bashing that struck me, what was it?

The usage of the word 'gay'. I am not direct quoting this because it was used in a longer sentence, but the phrase was something among the lines of the BVB fan being gay because he/she called Andy Biersack hot, and also said that he/she loves BVB. Now, in what world is being gay an insult? I find it utterly disturbing that the world has come to using a term of sexuality as an insult. The BVB fan did not respond, but was most likely shunned away from being called gay. What is wrong with being gay? I think nothing is wrong with it. It's all love, and love is love. Why is it a bad thing to be gay? I've never understood homophobic people, but sadly they're still existent in the world.

Now I actually don't know much about Andy Biersack or BVB, I had just seen a lot of controversy about the band and the lead singer. I don't understand what's gay about him, though. Is it the way he talks? The way he dresses? The way he acts? That leads me to the next section of my argument: when people think they can classify someone's sexuality just by looking at them.

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