One month earlier... 

I stride from the car park into the gym which is basically like my second home. Memories of me developing and growing into the gymnast I am tody is held between these walls. As I walk in, a high-pitched sound pierces my ears, as usual.  Lea, my best friend runs to me while her dirty blonde hair flies up and down as she wraps her hands around me, squeezing tightly.

"Uhh... Hey", I say, trying to reach for air.

"Ohh, sorry," she realizes as she lets go of me.

"Anyway, how have you been," Lea says in her cheery, over excited voice.  

"Not so good. Mom hired a professional snobbish rich gymnast to work with me over the summer."

I reflect on the summer when I spent countless hours trying to make a simple back handspring look 'exceptional' instead of doing what a normal sixteen year old girl does over the summer. However, as much as I apreciate Mom's dedication to help me grow as a gymnast, sometimes I wish what my life would be like if my whole life wasn't always invovled around gymnastics. 

Lea snaps me out of my thoughts and points to 'Little Miss Queen' in our team. Stacey is in my year and is one of the top gymnast in the club. Let's just say that Stacey and I do not get along. She has always been the star and I am like the girl hiding in her shadow. She was good enough to get gold in gymnastics in last years Olympic Games. I slowly glare at her while she stretches her long slim built body as her sparkly white leotard glistens under the light.

"She can't get enough of medals." Lea smirks as she rolls her eyes.

"Or gymnastics and.." I add as Coach Dan calls all of the elite team to come over. 

"Attention ladies, welcome back! This year you must work harder in gymnastics than you ever, you must breathe, sleep and live gymnastics. You all know how difficult it is to make it as professinal gymnast, so I suggest you to put all the effort you have within you because this year is that year that depicts whether you really want it or not.

"To become sucessful in gymnastics is not about talent alone. Talent can take you so far until you realize that you must put in that hard work. I know there will be obstcales, I know there will be dobuters and I entirely know there will be mistakes but with hard work, I know there will be no limits." 

I know exactly what every person of the team is thinking: what did I get myself into? 

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