Chapter 1 - The Awakening

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Authors Note!

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Just letting you all know, that you need to pay attention to the dates and times we put at the top of the chapters, because they play a key part in our storyline! 

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 11:13am 9th December 2013

* * * * * * 

Darkness. I am suffocated by darkness. And only darkness. Darkness surrounds me. I have become Darkness. I am Darkness. 

 * * * * * *

My eyes flutter open to the almost midday sun glaring down on my face. The sun is so bright, which is something new to me, after living in a world of darkness. I force myself into an upright position, and try to figure out where I am.

The world around me looks so peaceful, the flowers sway in the light breeze and it is completely silent. An eerie silence. Which I am soon to realize why, the field I am sitting in is completely empty.

I turn around as I try getting up and I suddenly notice what my head was resting on. A gravestone. I'M IN A GRAVEYARD! I push myself backwards along the ground and away from the gravestone only to bash my back on the side of another headstone. I stand up and notice that I am surrounded by rows and rows of gravestones.

The next thing I know, my mind and body feel possessed as I am mindlessly forced toward the gravestone I woke up against. I kneel down to read the inscriptions when I notice a huge crack down the middle of the stone. I look up at the sky and the sun shines down brightly, and there is not a cloud in the sky. But for some reason I see the clouds turning black and moving together into a storm. Suddenly my heart is racing and my mind is reeling as I fall backwards onto a patch of dead grass and begin to remember.. My mind flashes to an unfamiliar scene of the graveyard..

 The flashes of lightning illuminate the dark and clouded sky, the field of gravestones is in chaos as the strong wind pulls everything in different directions. There is a loud 'SNAP' as a bolt of lightning finds its target, a newly placed gravestone. It would seem only a year or two old. The body of the grave now contains a huge crack down the centre of the stone.

 The world inside the vision spins until I am zapped back into reality. I feel possesed by exhaustion, my arms become limp against my body, my knees give in as collapse to the ground, in a pile of conflicting emotions.

My mind lingers, hanging on to the last and the most important detail. The name on the headstone..

 Stephanie Tasse..


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