Ride or die

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When I had WOKED up I was in Devon arms I was so relaxed I didn't know what to do with my self, so I had tried to get up but he had pulled me back down..

Devon. Where u going LIL ma

Me.. To get me something to eat

Devon.. Nah come on we going out to eat

Me.. Nah Devon

Devon., come on Kira

So I had just gave in and I and grab my purse and we had went outside and he opened my door for me and he went on his side and we had left..

Devon.. What u thinking about LIL ma


Devon.. 😏 okay I hear u

Me. Lol so where we going

Devon.. To Monica's (which I had made up)

Me.. Oh Kay I love they food

Devon.. Yea for real

Me.. Yup 😊

Devon.. Girl u smiling your ass off

Me. What

Devon.. 😏u really like me huh

Me.. Yea but u with that girl

Devon.. Girl she is one of my hoes I fuck her

Me.. Lol yea okay

So we had talked about a lot of stuff den that's when we had pulled up to the diner, so we had got and made our way in there..

Worker.. How may I help u 😏

Me.. Excuse me can we get a damn table

Worker.. 😳 sure umm right dis way

Devon.. 😏damn ma lol

Me.. What she act like she wanted to fuck u right here shit

Devon.. Lol okay I see u a LIL jelly

Me.. No I'm not I could have been your girl and she eye raping u and shit

Devon.. Mm 😏

Worker.. Here is y'all menus

Me. K u dismiss we will call u when we find something we want


Devon.. Damn she be mad

Me.. She will be alright

Devon.. U need to stay away from my sister LIL ma

Me.. Lol

So we had order and made small den that waiter had got d her number den we had left I had got in the car without saying nun like really if somebody tell u they like u why would u gave out your number Lauren was right..

Devon.. What's wrong LIL ma

Me.. My name is Kira use it thanks

Devon.. Damn what's wrong with u

Me.. ..

So we had rode home in silent I don't want to like somebody like that I should have known I DNT have time for that,so we had made it home and I went straight to my room and went laid across the bed den I felt a dip in the bed and it was Devon..

Devon..whats wrong LIL I mean Kira

Me.. Nothing I just want to be left along

Devon.. PST damn Kira what the hell is your problem remember u in my fucking house

Me.. U right so I'm about to pack and get out your damn house

So I had got up and started to pack den I felt a LIL tug on my waist

Me.. Let me go devon

Devon.. Come here

Den he had kissed me den I started to get wet so I had stopped it before it got any forward

Me.. Stop de

Devon. What

Me.. Im not ready for dis

Devon.. K LIL ma u still my LIL ma huh

Me. Sure 😊

Devon.. Smh lol okay but look I'm about to go and handle some business's

So when he had I just went in the movie room and started to watch a movie sense Lauren was with one of her dudes ,so I had started to fall asleep..

The next day

When I had WOKED up I was in my room so I'm guessing de had put me up there so I had got up and went did my hygiene and everything else I had to do in there, den I went put on some shorts and a tank top den I put on my saddles and had flat iron my hair sense today we didn't have no school I was just going to chill and go to the mall, so I had went downstairs to fine a dude I'm guessing was friends with de..

?? .. What's up ma

Me.. The name is Kira and who is u

??. I'm Kai

Me.. Kia where is devon

Devon.. I'm right here LIL ma dis is my right hand man Kai

Me.. K but I'm about to hit up the mall can I use your car

Devon.. Yea here

Me. K thanks

So I had grab my bags and my phone but I wanted to see if Lauren she wanted to come..

Text convo







Me. K

So I had got in the car and drove to the mall, so when I had got there I had made my way to it your world (which is made up every store I put is made up well inless some of them) I had picked out a pretty dress which was a dress with no sleeves on them and it was a all black dress den I went get some heels den I went in for ever more, where I got some booty shorts with a tank top with some saddles and den I went get some erranings and some bracelets I am a girly girl i love to dress to impress but remember don't push me, den I had headed to the food court I had order me some pizza fries wings and a sprite yea I love to eat my ass off I'm not fat im just right, as I was eating I seen ..

Who do u think she had seen

And one more thing I am about to skip to 1 month later I will do

Another POV but not right now I just want u to get to know Kira for a LIL while long

Do u think Kira should date or just be free comment and tell

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