Chapter 19

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Hiiiiii! how are you guys?

Chapter 19

Ambers pov

I texted him asking if we could talk. I got a quick response,

From Harry

"Yes yes of course I'll be over"

I threw my phone on the bed and called my school.

"Um hi it's amber, and I was wondering you have my dorm room right?"

"Um yes yes we do you can come anytime"

"Alright thank you"

The line went dead and a knock was at the door, I waltzed down the stairs and opened it up. Harry looked up, I got several vibes from him. He looked miserable for one but he looked different like he hasn't slept at all. "hi" he grabbed me and wrapped his arms around me "please" I pushed him away "no now come here I have something to tell you" he nodded and followed me to the bedroom. I closed the door and began with "I got your tape, and I don't know what to say" "it would be nice to say I'll take you back but I know that will never happen" I just brushed it off, "Harry, you can stay here- "oh my god amber I love you thank you" "let me finish, you will be staying in my room because I'm moving into a dorm in my college" he looked up "oh god please no" I nodded "so get your stuff" "no amber it will hurt worse if I'm staying in your bed" I looked up "your making this harder than it should be" he shook his head and laid on the bed. He just looked up at the ceiling and said nothing.

Harry's pov

Oh god. Now it's real, I feel like she is breaking her attachment to me and I felt like she just told me she's leaving the country when she will only be twenty minutes away. "What dorm will you be in" she looked at me so distantly "134b" I huffed "cool, let me know how you like living there" she nods and continues packing her stuff. "Ok I'm all packed, the boys already know your staying, bye" she walked out and I heard the door close. Well this is my life right now, Perrie and Eleanor tried telling me "stop using girls" "stop using girls" and I just didn't listen, now I know why I used Claire but also used amber. I called Louis to come pick me up at the house so I can get my stuff out of the hotel and to check out, now that my life is like a black hole I have nothing to look forward to.

Ambers pov

To niall:

"Can you help me carry boxes up to my dorm?"

From Niall:

"Yeah of course, dorm 134b right"

To Niall:


I just carried the boxes I could up to the dorm, I don't have a roommate which is odd, but I guess more space for me.

From Niall:

"I see your car, but I don't see you;)"

I giggled and ran down to the parking lot, he was leaning against my car. He opened his arms, and I felt the need to jump in them, so i did. I ran to him and wrapped my legs around him. "oh wow hi Amber" he put me down and examined the boxes "ok I'll get started" I smiled, and watched him carry the boxes is it just me or is Niall more muscled than I thought he was no where near to Harry but very muscled. I bit my lip, oh my god no no no I just bit my lip!

Nialls pov

She jumped into my arms, and invited me to carry boxes, hm sounds good to me. I carried them in and saw a bunch of panties and bras in one box, oh okay then.

I finished carrying them all up and now were just chilling and I hooked up her tv, so I believe she is all settled in. She came in from arranging her bathroom and laid next to me, she put her head on my lap. She looked up at me and smiled "thanks for helping me" "anytime" god I love this girl.

Ambers pov

He was staring at me, and I think I know what I want to do, but I think I'm just rebelling cause of what happened with Harry. He leaned into me and wetted his lips, I parted my mouth, and he closed the gap. Oh my god were kissing, I grabbed the back of his neck and he pulled me onto him, and he deepened the kiss. He started pulling away "no please niall, kiss me" his eyes widened, but he smiled. He laid down so I was on him, his hands ran down my back down to my bum, he gave it a squeeze and slapped it. I shrieked "I like you amber, ever since I saw you" I swallowed "I need time Niall" "and I'll give it to you, whatever you need" I smiled and kissed him, when the door opened and harry was standing there "get your hands off her!" He ran over picking me up and setting me down he grabbed Niall and slammed him on the ground "I know your my band mate but what the fuck are you doing with her! She is mine" I glared at him. Harry walked over to me, I backed away and turned so I wasn't facing him "amber.." "Stop Harry you choose what you wanted and that's Claire, I'm sorry I wasn't good enough" "don't say that, you are good enough your all I need in my eyes your perfect, I knew you were done with me I couldn't bare to let it eat me alive so I stayed with Claire so I wouldn't have to think about you knowing that I lost you" I was standing there, and I saw tears coming from his eyes. Was he crying.? I looked at him, "harry.." I walked up to him just one step, he looked so fragile. I wiped his tears, and I just had to hug him, he scooped me up and squeezed me. I turned to Niall, "thank you for helping me I think you should go now" he nodded and left. Harry went and sat on the bed and looked at me. "you going to tell me why you were locking lips wit him" I was shocked "harry, im sorry were not together I- "please don't you ever say "not together" cause to me we are always together whether we are fighting or not" I looked at the ground, "well I think you should go to" he frowned "I love you, I'll text you tonight even if you don't respond" I watched him leave, and I sat on the bed, wondering why I kissed Niall.

Sorry it's short, ally chapters are going to be short just like they have been since I started writing this story :)

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