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Hey, what's up you guys!!!! Listen, I know I haven't been updating very much lately, and I know the last thing I did was absolute crap (And if you disagree, obviously you didn't read it). So now I'm taking requests!!!!! I'll write you a short story on your topic as long as

A) It's PG-13. I'm not going to write anything dirty or fucked up.

B) I'm ok with it. If it makes me uncomfortable, it's a no go.

C) It doesn't make me consericus. Seriously, if I think you're going to hurt yourself or someone else, I'm telling on you to the Wattpad peeps and messaging the fuck outta you until you seek help

D) No spoilers. Not for you, not for me, not for anyone else on this majestic website (Seriously, I spend more time here than in the real world. (#nolifelol))

(Excuse my language, it's just the best way to put it)

OK!!!!!! Sooo.... Yea!!!!! Hit me up with your requests. If you have any questions, ask. I don't bite....

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