Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

  At that very moment, Anna barged into the dormitory, breaking Elsa from the trance. “Elsa! Elsa, you won’t believe this, but I have a boyfriend!” Anna yelled.

  Elsa was just stunned. “Boyfriend? You haven’t been here for more than an hour! Besides…” Elsa yelped, before lowering her voice to a whisper, “Don’t you think it’s a bit inappropriate with them around?”

  Anna flushed bright red. No, she somehow managed to miss out the five others in the room. She started apologizing profusely.

  “Um… okay, we’re going to walk around the campus. You two wanna join us?” Flynn asked.

  Realising that Jack’s eyes were still fixed onto her, she nodded. Anna, however, refused, mumbling something about finding her boyfriend, Hans.

  Elsa felt a little awkward. Since the rest obviously knew each other, not to mention how unbearably cute Jack was, she felt rather shy. After a long silence, she finally spoke. “So, how did you all get to know one another?” she asked.

 “Oh, we all went to the same high school. Though, Flynn joined the school a year later than he was meant to… He got held back in elementary school,” Merida smirked as she answered her.

  “So, Elsa, what was school like for you?” Jack asked her, moving to walk by her side.

  Slightly astonished that he decided to walk beside her, she replied, “Oh, um, I was home schooled till I was thirteen… Then, I went to high school together with Anna.”

  Jack frowned slightly at the lack of information. Before he could ask her anything more, Hiccup cut in, “So, what are you majoring in, Elsa?”

  “Erm, I’m majoring in business… How about the rest of you?” Elsa responded.

  “Well, Jack and I are majoring in Business too. Do we have the same professor, Professor Oaken? Don’t be fooled by his good nature and helpfulness, he won’t hesitate to throw you out if you cross him,” Hiccup warned. Elsa nodded.

  “Well, I’m majoring in Art, Music and Drama education,” Punzie said. “So is Anna,” Elsa added. “Yay! A familiar face!” Punzie screamed in excitement.

  “Well, I’m majoring in General Studies. I don’t know what I want yet,” Merida shrugged.

  “And I’m majoring in Engineering, but I’m thinking of changing…” Flynn said.

  They walked on a bit more. So, Jack’s going to be in my class, Elsa thought.

  “Nice hair ya got there. D’ya dye it white?” Merida asked, pulling Elsa out of her thoughts.

  Elsa shook her head. “It’s platinum blonde actually, and it’s natural,” Elsa said.

  “Oh, just like Jack,” Hiccup piped in. Jack gave Elsa a half-grin. Elsa let out a nervous laugh. They headed to an air-conditioned area.

  “Brr… It’s freezing in here!” Punzie yelped, using her long hair to cover her like a blanket. Hiccup kept blowing onto his hands. Flynn was shivering while Merida was completely unfazed.

  “I love the cold,” Elsa and Jack announced at the same time. They both turned away from each other, turning a deep shade of red.

  “Well, if ya keep blushing like that, ya two will be the colour of me hair soon!” Merida remarked, making the two of them redder still.

  “Well… maybe we should go to your room Punzie,”Flynn spoke, breaking the long awkward silence.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

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