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Okay, so this isnt my very first fanfic of this dynamic duo, but it is my first non-smutty one. hope it all goes well!




So another day in this hellish school called Baker's High, i can't sttand that this is a boarding school advertised as a fun learning environment for all aspiring young minds to expand their mental horizons. Lies. All lies, everything about this school was a lie; the welcoming garden at the entrance was a lie; the welcoming reseptionist: lie.

There was no hope of me surviving this school year at all. i mean i didn't even know who my roomate could be for Christ's sake!

just then the door opened.

Sherlock hadn't noticed the boy at the entrance whilst he yelled put of pure bordom and for his hatred of being bored, then threw a few darts at a small smiley fave that looked freshley panted yellow on the patterned wall paper.

"um.. Hello, my name is john. John Watson." he said a bit nervously, making Sherlock snap his head towards his direction.

Strange Sherlock thought this boy looks that of a posh family, yet dresses of a poor is a problem for him here....he doesn't indulge in trivial things, he only gets what he needs.Nothing more, nothing less. his posture is almost perfect, his tan is a bit darker than one you could fet in London's sun. curiouser and curiouser.... He probably keeps to himself more often than not, but socializes as to not come off as rude, he's smart- obviously smart. he's carrying a chemistry and biology like a girl might carry the hunger games...Hmmmmm...

"So, army doctor or doctor without borders?"

"Excuse me?"the boy named...John? yes John asked a bit startled.

"Do you want to be an army doctor or a doctor with no borders?" i annunciate a bit slower so that he has time to register what it is that i am saying in plain english.

"Army doctor.... How did you guess?"he asked a bit bewildered.

"i didnt guess john, i simply noticed."

"Brilliant!" John sighed through a very cheeky smile."So... what's your name?"




We stood there a bit awkwardly, Hohn still at the door way and me standing on my ned with darts in my hands. I must've looked like a freak to him in my suit, blue robe on top, wearing my bunny slippers.

ugh! since when do i care?

Slowly John put his belongings against the wall and closed the door.

Turning towards me, " so um.. do you have a girlfriend?"

"Not really my area. I say a bit nervously. Why was i nervous?!

"Boyfriend? Which is fine of sourse!"

"I know."

"You know?" he asked a bit confused.

"That it's fine."

He looked at me like i was an alien...Jeez, great job i did with first impressions.

"But no, I do not have a significant other...or what ever people call shag hags now a days." Shag hags? What the bloody hell was wrong with me?

"Like me! Good, good...I'm single as well," John stammered.

"Thanks but no thanks, I'm kind of married to my wo-"

"No! That's not what i meant! I just meant okay, cool! You don't have a girlfriend either .... we're unattatched.."

"It's fine John,  but i really am married to my sork; do you like the violin?"

"What about the violin?"

"Well since we'regoing to be rooming together, ight as well know the worst about each other; I play the violin and sometimes go days wothout speaking, will that bother you?"

"No, not at all."

"Great!" I yelled. Did I just make a friend? Maybe, or maybe he was just trying to let me down easily.

"So, what are your habbits?" I ask curious about this new boy that i cannot read easily.

"oh...nothing! " he was worried of what I'd think, "I don't have any habits that you might need to know...Except write blogs... and i sing to myself."



"Well that's not bad at all, considering the fact that i thought you were going to say that you like to hurt bunnies of kick little kids for fun..." i say trying to lift up the mood a bit, because i quite liked his habits.

 "We went down to the mess hall to get something to eat, since i don't really eat much i drank my tea and picked at an apple, whilst John ate his pasta and salad.

"Why aren't you eating?" John had been watching me think.

"It slows me down," I say simply.

"You're not aneorexic now, are you?" He looked genuinly worried for me.

"No, no." I wave my hand, dismissing his inquiries, to try and calm him down,"I just don't eat when thinking, that's all."

"Well... What are you thinking about?"

I didn't want to say that i was thinking about him. I didn't want to creep out the one person who didn't call me freak within the first ten seconds of meeting me. "I'm not sure, i'm a little on the fritz today," i lied.

"Oh, okay," He looked a bit saddened by my response.

did he want me to think about him? am i interested in this boy? did i want to be his friend? of course i did. why is this so difficult? i need to make a new room in my mind palace for him; maybe a little house of his own. im intrigued enough to want to know everything.... need to go over this when he sleeps.

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