How To Take a Walk on the Wild Side

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Julie Holland- Straight B+ student, and 'goodie two shoes'. She has an overall fairly satisfying life, besides the almost constant absence of her parents. She could be a girl everyone would envy, beautiful face, flawless figure, and best friends to die for- that is if she would actually interact with people outside her friend circle and go out on a Friday night.

Seth Reed- Khale High schools notorious bad boy, and lady killer. His hobbies? Swearing, riding 'Shelly' (his most prized possession- his motorcycle) and hooking up. He doesn't just take a walk on the wild side, he lives in it. Party's every weekend, skips more classes than attends, and has hooked up with 75% of the high schools female population, he's just an overall bad influence.

Senior year begins and so far Julie Holland's high school experience has been nice- good grades, great friends, and most importantly, she has stayed off Seth Reeds radar. That is, until now, of course. Julie's mom goes away on a 3 month business trip and leaves Julie with her best friend, Julie happily agrees with hope of actual family time, even if its with another family. That is until she finds out her moms friend has a son. A son who is none other than Seth Reed.

Follow Julie on her journey of confusion, stereotyping, peer pressure, love, betrayal, and learning how to take a walk on the wild side.

A/N: That's the description, I have always liked it when people put these as the first chapter, I don't know why though. This is my first real book, I hope you guys like it! PS. If you find any spelling and/or grammar errors please let me know! Thanks, and enjoy!

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