Life Changing

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Ruth's POV

I had to find Notch to tell him about the amulet. He'll pay for what he did. I started to walk to the car. I fell backwards and looked up. Jordan was there. "I had the same flashback.", he said. "Did you tell them what happened?", I asked. He nodded. I got up. Then, my vision seemed to freeze. My ice self, I thought to myself.

Adam's POV

She started to turn to ice. Her ice self. He has all her normal clothes, they were just frozen. She threw icicles at me, but I dodged them. She the turned back to herself. She looked at us, and sobbed. "I'm a monster!", she yelled. I was about to say something, when some sort of magic spell came over us. Before I was possessed, I remembered what Notch had said. "If Team crafted doesn't start to hate her, you will cast a spell on them." I was now possessed. Only thing I could do, was nothing but watch what my possessed self does.

Ruth's POV

They were now all possessed, just like Notch had said. "Leave us.", said Ty. "Guys, you have to fight back!", I said. "Go away!", yelled Jason. "Adam! You're my brother!", I said. "Doesn't mean I have to like you.", he said. "Now get out." I started to sob as I ran away.

Ending of minecon:

I ran up to Notch, and held him by the collar. "Why did you make them hate me!", I yelled. "It wasn't me!", he begged. "She made me!" "Who's she?", I asked. "Lydia!", said Notch. I put him down. "Why?", I asked. "Because she doesn't like the idea of a girl in team crafted.", explained Notch. "She thought it would be bad for the publicity." "So she made them all hate me?!", I yelled at him. "Yes.", said Notch. "They were my best friends," I sobbed. "My only friends, and Lydia ruined it!" I kept sobbing. "Ruth," started Notch. "There's only one thing to do." We went back to the guys house. "Here's what you have to do.", said Notch. "Everyone knows you and Adam are brother and sister." "Your point?", I asked. "You have to kill him.", he said. "Why?!", I yelled. "Don't worry! After that, the lights in your amulet will calm, and Adam will be healed. Everyone will be back to normal.", Notch explained. "Are you sure?", I asked. "Positive.", he said. I took a deep breathe, and went inside. "What are you doing here?", asked Mitch. I walked up to Adam. Tears were rolling down my face. I turned into my fire self. I threw a fireball at him, and he fell to the ground. I fell and sobbed. I couldn't stand it. Everyone had changed back, except Adam. "What did you do?", asked Ty. "Notch said to!", I said. "Don't you know not to trust Notch!", said Jason. Adam didn't move. "Notch said it would reverse the spell and revive Adam, but it only reversed the spell!", I tried to explain. "Go up to your room now!", said Mitch sternly. I sobbed and ran up to my room. "Notch lied to me!", I yelled. "He made me kill my brother!" I laid on my bed.

Jordan's POV

I knew Ruth wouldn't do that on purpose. I knew Notch tricked her. I touched the burn on Adam and had a flashback. It was Ruth and Notch. I heard their entire conversation. Then, Ruth went inside and Notch ran away. The flashback ended. "She wasn't lying.", I said. "Notch did trick her it was in my flashback." "You're falling for it too?", asked Mitch. "It was in my flashbacks and flashbacks are never wrong!", I yelled at him. "Ruth wasn't lying and I know she wouldn't lie!" We heard the door upstairs burst open. It fell from upstairs. We saw Ruth as her last form, Earth. She was just covered in dirt. "I don't lie.", she said. She moved me hand, and lifted a piece of ground out of the floor. She threw it at Mitch and Ty. They got crushed against the wall, and passed out. Ruth turned back into herself, then fainted. I ran upstairs and tried to get her up. Her amulet was grey, which meant no power. No life. I saw Jason wake up Mitch and Ty. Adam got up too, which surprised everyone. They all ran upstairs. "All her selves have come out once.", I said. "They have all taken over once, the left. Without them all in her amulet, she has no life." "How do you know so much about her amulet?", asked Adam. I looked at my sweatshirt. I've never taken it off, and for a very good reason. I opened up my sweatshirt and showed them my amulet. Yes, my amulet. It was like Ruth's, but the middle was blue. I quickly closed my sweatshirt. "My sweatshirt is the only thing keeping the lights in my amulet from running away.", I explained. "How?", asked Jason. "How has two answers.", I said. "How it keeps the lights from running away, the V on my sweatshirt is holding a special ingredient. What it is, I don't know. How I have my amulet, I got it when I was born. It always gave me flashbacks I didn't understand. And I have a self too." I huffed, and turned into my lightning self. My sweatshirt had turned purple with a yellow lightning bolt in a gray box. My sneakers had turned purple. I threw a lightning bolt at the wall. "That's so cool!", exclaimed Mitch. I turned back into myself. We looked back at Ruth. She was still out of it. "You seem to have all the answers.", said Ty. "Is she going to be alright?" "There's only one thing we can do.", I said. "And I'm putting my life at stake here." I unzipped my sweatshirt and pulled out my amulet. I opened it to find my 4 lights inside. I pulled out my white one. I opened Ruth's amulet and put it inside. I closed the amulet and waited for the magic to happen. I smiled as drifts of snow circled around her. Everyone else had their mouths opened wide.

Ruth's POV

My eyes were filled with what looked like little snowflakes. I was lifted up to my feet. My eyes cleared. I looked at my hands. They had very light blue gloves on them covered with frost. I had a frost covered shirt with frost covered jeans. My sneakers were frost covered too. My hair had turned white with very light blue highlights. The middle of my amulet was white. Snow?, I thought, I never had snow. I looked at Jordan. He was wearing an amulet, just like me. "How'd you...", I started. "Don't ask.", he said. I was still wondering how I got the snow. Jordan then opened up his amulet and showed me a missing light. I hugged him. "But what about your light?", I asked. "You know the lights give us the power in our amulets." "It's just one light.", he said. "Plus, you needed one. To live. At least one would do." He smiled at me. "Notch.", I whispered. "We need to find Lydia." "Why?", asked Alex. "Explain on the way.", I said walking to the car.

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