A Strange Encounter

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"Let me begin by introducing myself. I am Charlotte Peters. Okay let me level with you that's not my name. I apologize but i don't know who I can trust with my mission on the rise. What mission you ask? l can't say at the moment. Its too risky to trust an outsider. All that I need to know is if can you handle what comes next". The young boy who was following her on her way to school stood silently."I'll take that as a yes". She began to sprint through street not paying attention to her surroundings. Cars and trucks had to swerve out of their lanes to avoid hitting this mysterious looking girl. Who is she the boy thought as he kept walking his usual way to school. He had arrived at school on time like any other day. He was dressed in jeans and a plain dark blue T-shirt. To the teachers he was just another student attending Bold-mans Inner city Middle School. He had very few Friends but not ones worth mentioning. He has one younger sister and one mother. His father had died in a shootout at the train station awhile back. As the day went on he couldn't stop thinking about this morning and what had happened to him. He felt like he had been detached from the earth simply because the very idea of what happened this morning bewildered him. The bell rang as children race down the hallways.  This boy had no reason to race home. He dreaded his home after all. Today he decided to walk home. His house was an hour away on foot but what did he care. He simply didn't.Since his dad died he barely felt any emotion at all towards anyone or anything. He simply didn't feel the need to. As the day got older and the sky got darker he became aware of his surroundings. He had taken one too many wrong turns and ended up awfully lost. The memory of what happened this morning was fueling him to continue on. There was not one ounce of energy left in his body. It was -5 degrees outside. Not able to continue he dropped to his knees. He lay still on the side walk. The life slowly drifting out of him. He had lost all feeling in his body. He drew his last breath. The girl from this morning had appeared in front of him and said" I knew you couldn't handle it". 

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