Chapter 13

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More time passed. The new warriors' first gathering came and went. Soon, every cat was convinced they had over reacted about the WaterClan attack.

Goldenlight's dream had drifted to the back of her mind, she had almost forgotten it completely. But as the days since her apprentice had become a warrior, she began to have dreams of what she saw happen in the forest.

The words of the old ThunderClan medicine cat echoed through her mind.

"The light will come to power, guiding with a gold heart. But the night must fall, the moon will disappear, and the shadows will destroy the fire."

Goldenlight shook off the haunting feeling that came along with those words and concentrated on eating her mouse. It soon reached sun-high and a daily patrol was sent out.

It wasn't long before they came rushing back inside yowling as they ran. Nightstar ran to the leader of the patrol, Leafash, and demanded a report. The warriors that were on the patrol were frantic and their minds were so scattered that he couldn't form a reply.

Suddenly, loud howls filled the cave. Three wolves ran inside through the tunnel, barely able to fit, and began to attack the warriors.

"Hide the Kits and elders!" Nightstar yowled as he launched himself onto one wolf's shoulder.

Goldenlight began to run to help him, but was stopped as another wolf leapt in front of her. She hissed ans she jumped, raking her claws down it's flank. It howled in pain, snapping it's teeth beside her neck. She pushed with her back legs, launching herself onto it's back, and sank her claws and teeth into the wolf's neck.

The wold tried to shake her off, but then turned to snap it's jaws at Dustfur who had bitten into it's front leg. Before it could bite him, Dappleflower attacked it's tail, causing it to turn again, so sharply it threw Goldenlight off.

She skidded along the floor, but stood and shook herself. She launched back into battle, fighting with tooth and claw, until two wolves ran, screeching out of the cave. The whole clan turned to the last wolf just in time to see it clamp it's jaws around Nightstar's neck.

"No!" Goldenlight yowled as she threw herself at the already battered wolf.

Her teeth sank into its neck, killing it instantly. It fell to the ground as she ran to her leader, and father. He lay on the floor of the cave, blood quickly pooling around his black body. He coughed.

"Oh, Nightstar. No..." Goldenlight said as she licked his shoulder.

Although Nightstar wasn't on his last life, the severity of the wound the wolf gave him quickly stole his remaining lives. His eyes grew glassy as he looked at his daughter one last time.

"I-I always knew you would return to me, Goldenlight. Y-you have h-helped me realize what the true m-meaning of love is. You r-remind me so much of your mother. I-if you ever see her again, tell her I said goodby-........" Nightstar studdered, then fell limp.

Goldenlight let out a yowl of grief. She had lost her father.


Goldenlight stood outside of the Moon Cave. This was the place where leaders and medicine cats went to share tongues with StarClan. She looked at Silverfrost, who was the only warrior she took with her. The others had either been to injured by the wolf attack, or too busy cleaning the camp.

"Just wait out here. I shouldn't be too long." Goldenlight said.

Silverfrost nodded and Goldenlight padded into the Cave. The walls were cold and moist, for no light reached here. She padded forward at a steady pace, and she soon reached the Moon Pond.

The Moon Pond was a small pond at the center of the cave. The moon then reached the middle of the night sky, and shone down into the center of the pool. The light reflected in all different ways, causing Goldenlight to have to blink.

Once her eyes got used to the light, she cautiously stepped up to the pond, lapping up the icy cold water. Then, she fell into a deep sleep.


Silverfrost stood outside of the cave, staring up at the night sky. The stars of Silverpelt sparkled brightly down on her.

"The stars are beautiful tonight, aren't they?"

Silverfrost bristled and turned to the tom who had spoken. He sat a few tail lengths away, with his tail tucked neatly under his paws.

"Who are you?!" She hissed at the rouge.

"The name's Thorn. And who might you be." The rouge replied smoothly.

Silverfrost didn't move.

"My name's Silverfrost."

Recognition filled Thorn's eyes.

"You're one of those clan cats aren't you?" He asked with amazement.

"Y-yes. How'd you know?" Silverfrost stammered.

"I've been traveling with a clan cat lately. Only cats from clans have names like that." Thorn concluded.

"Who have you been traveling with?" Silverfrost asked, replacing now.

"Well Silverfrost, meet my good friend, Darkstripe."


"Welcome, Goldenlight. As you already know, we are StarClan. And I am Bluestar. You are here today for a reason that is both sad, yet happy. Today, Nightstar hunts with us. This means that you are to become the new leader of FireClan." Bluestar greeted her.

Goldenlight nodded.

"I am ready."

"Then let us begin." Bluestar said.

She motioned with her tail for a gray she-cat to step forward.

"I will start. My name is Yellowfang. I was a medicine cat for ThunderClan when Firestar was still an apprentice. I give you the gift of determination. Whenever you set your mind to something, always follow through with it." The she-cat rasped as she touched noses with Goldenlight.

Energy shot through her body,blocking her in place. But as Yellowfang stepped away, Goldenlight felt like she could do anything.

Next, Blazestar, the first FireClan leader, stepped up.

"I give you honesty. Aways tell your clan the truth in times of doubt, you'll find that it helps soothe the wounds of tragedy." He said as he touched noses with her.

The next seven cats did the same thing, each with a different gift and words of advice. Bluestar, loyalty. Lightningpelt, hope. Spottedleaf, kindness. Redtail, bravery. Lionheart, focus. Foxcoat, happiness. Finally, it was Nighstar's turn.

"Daughter, you are a brave warrior and I couldn't be more proud of you. I give you the gift of love. May you love your clan in the way a queen will love her kit." He said as his nose touch filled her with absolute joy.

All the starry cats stepped back and spoke in unison.

"You will now be known as Goldenstar. Goodluck, dear one. And remember that we will always be with you."


Goldenstar awoke in the Moon Cave, muscles and joints cramped after the long time she spent sitting there. She shook her fur to get rid of some of the dampness, and began to pad out through the tunnel.

As she neared the exit, her eyes widened and her heart stopped when she heard what she heard.

"-Meet my good friend, Darkstripe."

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