Ooooforgive me ?

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Laura Pov.

WHY WOUKD HE NOT TELL ME....BUT HE WOULD TELL MAIA ...WHY WOULD HE DO THIS TO ME UGGGGG I CAN'T BELIEVE HIM...well now it's my my turn to make a choice quit or stay

Ross Pov

oh no what have i done

"Ross look I know ..."

"NO MAIA U DON'T NO GET OUT ...DO U SEE WHAT U DID" I yell at the top of my lungs "GET OUT"

"you better make the right choice" she mumbles so I can barely hear her as she pushes past her .

Laura pov

As I'm running to my dressing room to get my stuff and get the hell out of there .I hear Ross scream at Maia but I'm to busy sobbing to hear what be says . crap i have to run my his room to get out well I'll just make a run for it.

No ones pov

Ross is waiting for Laura to come back and go too her car..... Suddenly he see a flash of colour run by and foot steps Laura he thinks.

When he get to the hall way he see the door open and close. No i need to talk two her . So Ross bolts down the all avoiding all the people call his name .

Ross pov


"NO ROSS YOU HAVE DESTROY ME ENOUGH FOR ONE DAY" .she shouts back between sobs

"But laura "I say quietly

"BUT WHAT" she screams back

"I...i.....uh" I scratch the back of my neck nervously

"I'm waiting"

hear it goes I thought to my self." Laurisortofloveumorethanafriend" I say realy quickly

she gives me a puzzled look "what say it slowly"

I take a deep breath "laura i you " i quickly turn my head hoping i won't get slapped well I did owwwwwww

"Laura what was that for"

"because you not tell me abut the decision then running after me telling me you love me .did you really think that would work?"

"well uh yes "

" WELL YOU THOUGHT WRONG ....well i have to go now we'll talk later"

and with that she drove off

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