Mind games 1

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cathleen-belle pov

After wacthing toy story the boys starting joking but took it too far . " cathleen-belle should start holding lessons for how to be a Aussie , she knows so much " Lou joked and that's what ticked me off .i bolted up and ran too my room crying, theirs a secret no one should know about me that i wont tell it has to do with Australia but i will never tell the boys ,after awhile Harry came in and sat on my bed. He started tickling me .

Niall's pov

"HARRY " we all heard cathleen-belle scream and she sounded out of breath . I shot up so fast and put my hand In a fist . "He wouldn't don't worry ni" Liam and Lou said "but he would" I shouted "relax bro " Zayn said "he would never knowing u like her " Zayn continued. "But , I guess u r rigth" I said back. So I clam down but there it was again "Harry !!" At that moment I bolted up the stairs.

cathleen-belle"s pov

Harry was in my room tickling me cuz he knows tht makes me happy. Just then ni came though the door and scared harry causing him to fall on my and then he rolled off. " what the hell Niall" I yelled " I thoutgh u two we-" I cut him off " I can't belive u don't trust me !" I yelled and run down stairs and it the door I ran as far as I could to the park were me and Niall frist met when we were only 17 .I sat there And cryed .

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