The true story

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              Hello people who are reading this im writing about what is going on in my life . Its real hard for me  because in this story about whats going on in my life i lost my bestfriend.Ok this is how it all started a boy name jaeyln use to like my bestfriend carley but now were not bestfriend anymore.Ok so jaelyn ask carley out she said no then people started saying hes talking about carley so she never liked him.So just the other day jaelyn asked me out then i told carley and she said if i go out with him shes never speaking to me again.So i said yes to him i told carley and she said she was never speaking me again first i didnt care.But then i did but right now i dont care but  i really like him so im gonna post this tell me who should i pick my best friend well use to be bestfriend or my boyfriend.This goes out to people reading this life is really hard make the right choice in life.

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