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Demi's POV

I boarded the plane from Boston to LA and sat in my seat which was away from Max's seat so i was sitting next to a stranger. In the seat next to me was the most beautiful girl ive ever laid eyes on. She had goregous sea green eyes and beautiful straight brown hair. She was just so perfect.

Demi get yourself together. You are straight and you are dating Wilmer stop with this gushing over a girl you dont even know!!!

Right. i am straight and i have a boyfriend.

I didn't say hi to her because she seemed very tired and out of it and she slept for most of the plane ride. so i never got her name or anything...


I was at the car dealership heading over to the front desk to get the paperwork to buy my new car.

I was deep in thought thinking about the beautiful girl i sat next to on the plane ride here. I havent been able to get her of my mind since that day.

I bumped into someone and we both fell to the ground and i landed on top of them... It was her. It was the girl that i havent been about to get off my mind for days.

i quickly got up and said i was sorry. we talked for a few minutes but then i had to go get the paperwork to get my car. She told me her name was Vienna. wow. its such a pretty name.

Ugh Demetria why are you so dumb???

I know I know, I want to get to know her but I need to get my car!

I walked up to the counter to grab my paperwork when I noticed Vienna was behind me. I instantly got butterflies in my stomach. I then dropped my pen.. Good job Demi. I was about to bend down and get it when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw it was Vienna, "Hi again!!" She said with a huge smile. "Umm, I think you dropped this" handing me the pen.

"Oh yeah, thanks" I said blushing a little embarrassed.

"Awh" she giggled "what?" I asked confused "Demi you're blushing" she said in a duh voice.

"Oops" was all I managed to say

God damn Demi what're you thinking?? You have the hots for some girl you just met! Not only did you just meet her but one you are dating WILMER, and two you are STRAIGHT!!!!

Ugh I know.... It's not my fault I don't understand any of what I am feeling grr... But am I really straight? I mean I've never felt this way about anyone let alone a girl... I was brought out of my thoughts by someone shaking me.

"Are you okay?" She asked concerned "I said your name like 10 times and you just stood there staring at me like a rock."

"Uhm yeah I'm fine I was just thinking.." Why is she so perfect? How can someone affect me this much?

She looked at me confused and said "oh okay.. Well it was an absolute honor to meet you. But I really need to get back to my apartment so I can finish unpacking, I kinda have OCD so I need to get all of the boxes out of my house and get everything in order."

"Oh." I was kinda disappointed because I wanna keep talking to her... "It was nice meeting you as well. I hope I will run into you again" I said the last part a little too excited..

"Me too!! Here" and she wrote her number down on my hand. "Just give me a call or a text." She had a huge smile on her face.

"Thank you! I'll text you tonight!" She winked at me and left.

Omg she winked at me and gave me her number!! Wait. Do you think she likes me? Oh I hope she does. But what if she's straight? Ugh Demi stop you are not single!!


Hey everyone sorry I haven't been posting more chapters. I haven't been able to write because of the holidays and I'm staying with my grandmother and she doesn't like it when I'm not helping out at all times. But I promise I'll start updating more!!

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