Who Said I Didn't Care

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I walked into math and awkwadly sat in my seat next to Eathan, five minutes early.

"Hey " I said, he didn't look up from his text book."About what happened out there, thanks for comforting me."

He just nods, and class begins. We get through the rest of math without saying another word.

I'm halfway home, when I take a right instead of going straight.

When I get to the "shortcut" I see Eathan sitting in the grass by the water, where we always sit. He is looking out at the water carelessly moving around a rock with one hand. I walk over to him.

"Hey" I say as I sit down next to him.

"Why are you here?" he asks without looking up.

"What, no stupid grin or sarcasm?" I ask teasingly.

"Not today princess." He says once again looking at the water.

"I'm here because I knew you would be here." I finally answer.

He looks at me with a confused expression on his face, "Well, I'm glad you know me so well, why am I here then?" He asked with an annoyed tone in his voice and a hurt look in his eyes.

"Well I figured you were upset about earlier and thought you wanted to talk, forgive me for wanting to help you." I say raising my voice, but not completely yelling yet.

"Look, I know you wanted nothing to do with me since the first day you saw me, so why do you care now?"


I let the word hang in the air, not knowing if I should let it go and just pretend the thought doesn't exist, or just say it and hope for the best.

"I'm sorry." He finally turned his gaze from the water to me.

"I thought you were some big jackass who only cared about his ego."

"And," he says getting me to say more.

"And I was wrong, sometimes. Sometimes you really are a jackass." And the grin returned.

"You know that grin thing you do, it's really annoying." I say with a glare.

"Yet, you love it." He answers.


 Today is Thursday.

Kill. Me. Now.

The day goes by pretty fast, so that is not terrible. I walk through the hall on my way to lunch, when Natalie and her minions decide to catch up with me.

"Oh hey Taylor, I heard you and Eathan have been hanging out lately."

"What, a...y-yeah, I..guess." God, I am terrible at talking!

"Well, I just wanted you to know that he still likes me, so you might want to back off." She laughs.

"Well,Natalie, last time I checked, he broke up with you, so I wouldn't hold your breath." I couldn't believe the words came out of my mouth!

"Oh, please, I don't think I am too intimidated by you, honestly who do you think you are, like he would ever like you, I mean, just look at you!!!"

My tears started to well up, and unfortunately, they noticed. 

"Oh my god! Look at her she is crying!" One of the plastics shouted out.

"Taylor is right you know, you shouldn't hold your breath." A familiar, comforting voice said from somewhere behind me.

I turn around to see Eathan, looking straight ahead at Natalie and her "friends". His eyes were staring hard at them, jaw clenched, hands in fists.

"Eathan, I thought you were in Spanish," she says innocently.

"Yeah, sure, Natalie just leave." Eathan says with an annoyed voice.

"Okay, well I will see you in art maybe. Bye Taylor." She says as her and the others walk away.

"What was that?" I say in a teasing voice.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh well it just seams to me that, for someone to go through all that trouble, they must really care about the other person." I say with a grin of my own.

"Who said I didn't care about you?"

Hey guys!!! I hope you like the chapter! Ii know it was kind of short and boring but it is my first book so bare with me!!! Anyway comment and tell me what you think, and thanks for the 100 reads!!!! YAY more to come! <3

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