Alexandra - Chapter 3

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The next time I got to talk to her, I asked her what her real name was.

"My name's Alexandra, but you can call me Ally."

"Ally...I like that name," I replied, blushing like an idiot. "My name is Dylan."

"Well nice to talk to you again, Dylan. If you need anything, I'm just a message away."

Okay, she's cute, beautiful, sweet, and kind. She has to be an angel sent from heaven. There was still that one problem, the guy. The guy's name was Alex A. and he was treated like a total king in the Family. Vito saw him as a son, and the girls saw him as this god who could take care of anything. His job in the family was, you guessed it, my boss. Alex was always really nice to people in public, but would always make me do tasks over and over again. Joy.

Fast forward one year later, I just turned 17, Alex and Ally broke up awhile ago, and she also dated Vito. You could only imagine how I felt about that one. There was always small talk between us, and at this point we were really good friends. She knew my secrets, I knew hers, we were the best of friends. There were times where she would get picked on or made fun of in the group, especially by this guy named Nick. By now, I was a high level, Corleone leader and I could now kick who I wanted, and do what I want. The only boss I had, was Vito, and he'd let me do anything. I was always there to protect Ally from these sort of uprisings, and I knew she could tell. Ally and I shared so many laughs back then, and even some tears. She was the best thing that ever happened to me, and she was now single. Maybe it was time for me to make the move...I'll wait...1 more month...

Ally started hanging out with this really funny and nice girl. When Ally got friends, that guaranteed me that the person would be my friend too. Vise versa. Her name was Ava, and again, little did I know how big of a role she would also play in my life.

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