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Destri's POV:

I walked out of the coffee shop and made my way to my flat, a smile never leaving my face. I stepped into my building and stepped onto the elevator. I made it to my flat and walked to my bedroom. I decided to take a shower. I washed my tattooed skin and hair. Once I was done showering, I wrapped a towel around my body and went to my closet. Honestly, I had a lot of clothes. I found a pair of very distressed light wash skinny jeans and a sweater with small skull accents. I made my way into my en suite and plugged in my curling iron. My hair curled into perfect waves. Truthfully, I love my hair. It is very dark purple at the roots and a lilac color at the ends.

I looked at the time and realized it was about 7:45 and I had to go. I went back into my closet and pulled out my black leather Jeffery Campbell Litas. I grabbed my leather jacket and phone and ran out the door, locking it behind me. I went down the elevator and into the parking garage. I unlocked my black range rover and got into the drivers side. The car started and I plugged my phone in, playing some Lana Del Rey. I found Nialls place quickly and saw him leaning against the front of the building. He looked really really good. I pulled up and rolled down the window, calling his name. He looked up and saw me, putting his phone in his pocket and walking to my car.

"Hey Love! You look gorgeous. And you smell really good too," he said, leaning over the center console and hugging me. His hugs were great. He buried his head in your neck and held on tightly.

"Hey Ni! You smell really really good too. And you look great, I'm loving the shirt," I told him. He smiled and leaned over to kiss my cheek. I pulled away from the curb and we made our way to my best friends house. We made it there in a few minutes and the nearest parking spot was down the street. We got out and we walked next to each other.

"So Destri, you a big partier?" he asked. I shrugged.

"If I'm in the mood, I'm a great partier," I answered.

He nodded, "that's the same for me." I felt his fingers start to grab mine and soon enough, our hands were intertwined and swinging between us. I felt a buzz forming between us and the butterflies were flying in my belly. We made it to the house and walked up to it. You could hear the music from down the street. I opened the door and saw people everywhere. Dancing and grinding, making out, everything.

"DESTRI! I heard someone yell from across the room. I turned and saw my best friend, Dakodah coming towards me. She had long blonde hair that was in waves, deep blue eyes, and tattoos covering most of her body. Niall stepped in behind me and closed the door behind him. Her eyes went from me, to him, to our hands. She quickly snapped out of it and wrapped her arms around my neck. I let go of Niall's hand and wrapped my arms around her waist.

"Hey Des! Thanks for coming! Who's your friend?" Kodah asked, looking to Niall, whose hand was in mine again.

"This is Niall. We met earlier, went for some coffee, got to know each other. And now we're here!" I told her, truthfully.

"Well Niall, it's great to meet you! I'm Dakodah, Destri's best friend! I'll have to have a talk with you later though, make sure you're alright for my girl," she addressed him. He nodded. "he's a cutie though, Des. Nice job!" She walked away after that and we made our way further into the party. We shoved through a bunch of people before we finally made it to the kitchen. I looked at some of the bottles on the counter and chose Lemonciello, pouring it over ice. Niall got himself a drink and we walked out to the backyard where it was slightly quieter. We talked for a while and laughed even more. We went in for drinks a few more times until both of us were steady drunk.

"Wanna dance, Des?" he slurred to me. I nodded and we went back into the house and into the mounds of dancing bodies. We made it a ways in and I turned around, getting close to him. We were grinding for a while until we were both significantly drunk and horny. He lead me out of the group of people and pushed me against the wall, leaning his body against mine. Our lips met quickly and we were making out in no time. The sparks were undeniably amazing. After a few minutes, he licked my bottom lip signaling that he wanted entrance. I granted it to him and his tongue slid past my lips. We separated for air and he found my neck, giving me lovebite after lovebite. I shifted away and grabbed his hand, leading him through the crowd and upstairs, finding the guest bedroom. I sat down on the edge of the bed, pulling him between my legs. His lips found mine and we were kissing again. I laid back, pulling him down against me. We moved further up the bed and his hand found the button to my jeans. I pushed his hand away and he looked up sadly.

"Niall, you have to take my shoes off first or my jeans would never come off, dummy," I said. His face lit up again and he started laughing. He untied my shoes and took them off dropping them to the floor. His hands found the button of my jeans again and he took them off. We kissed for a little bit before I took his shirt and jeans off as well. He took off my sweater and his hands met the clasp of my bra. He took it off quickly and kissed down my chest. I closed my eyes and my hands found his soft hair. My thong and his boxers came off soon after and the rest is history.


He pulled away from above me, both of us out of breath. We laid there for a while in all our glory before we both decided to get dressed and go back downstairs. I put my hair in a high ponytail and touched up my makeup while Niall fixed his hair and sat on the edge of the bed waiting for me. I put my shoes back on and we made our way out of the guest room and down the stairs. There were still plenty of people there, not as many as before though. I saw Dakodah in the corner with her boyfriend, Josh. She saw us coming back down the stairs and started towards us.

"Hey Des, Niall. Were you safe?" she asked, winking at us. I rolled my eyes and nodded.

"I'm not stupid, Kodes. I may be drunk, but not stupid," I said, smiling at her. Josh walked up and smiled at us. He had dark brown hair which stood like Niall's in a quiff. His skin was very tan and he had caramels brown eyes. He also had deep dimples, much like my own.

"Hey Destri! how're you, sweets?" he asked in his cute British accent, hugging me loosely.

"I'm just swell! how're you Joshy?" I asked him. "Oh yeah, Josh, Niall. Niall, Josh."

"Hey man, great to meet you," Josh said, holding his hand out. Niall shook his hand and greeted him.

"Anyways, Niall and I are pretty tired, so we're gonna head out. Happy Birthday, Kodes! I'll call you later," I said.

"Yeah, you guys were probably pretty wild up there, that's why your tired. But that's all right. I understand. You aren't driving, right?" she asked me. Shit, I completely forgot that I drove here.

"Oh my hell. I forgot I drove here. I'll come and pick it up tomorrow, but it's a little bit away. Josh, will you go get it and bring it back after the party's over. He nodded and smiled. After all, he was probably the only person here who didn't drink. I handed him my key and I hugged them both quickly. We said our goodbyes and finally got out the front door. We walked a little ways before my feet began to kill me and I regretted my choice of shoes.

"You alright, Des?" Niall asked when I stopped quickly and reached down to my feet. I untied the shoes and stepped out of them.

"Yeah, my feet just hurt. Give me a minute, babes," I answered. I picked my shoes up and started walking again, though my feet were still in constant pain. Niall could probably tell by my limping, because he kneeled down in front of my and I got on his back. I rested my head against his neck and after a few minutes we made it to a busier street where we hailed a cab. I gave the cabbie my address and he started driving.

"You're staying at mine tonight, alright?"I told him. He nodded and leaned towards me, burying his head in my neck.

When we pulled up to my flat building, he was asleep on my shoulder. I nudged him awake and payed the cabbie before we got out and walked to the elevator. His hand hadn't left mine since we left the party. We walked down the hall to my flat and I opened the door, stepping in and closing the door behind him. I lead him to my bedroom and I took my jeans and sweater off. I pulled his shirt off him and put it on myself. He shed his skinny jeans onto the floor before we both got into my king sized bed. I leaned over and turned the lamp off, the darkness enveloping us. He flailed his arms, searching for me in the bed. I scooted over and his arms locked around my waist. My face was buried in his chest.

Overall, tonight was a great night. I wouldn't change a thing about it for the world. What does this make Niall and I though? Friends with benefits? A couple? hopefully the second option though. I quickly fell asleep in his arms, and slept more soundly than I have in years.

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