Sunshine (Just Leave Me)

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Sunshine, can you please let some light into blinds. I lost sight of my worth i'm only honest just take a look at what hurts in my mind it's like my people live rehearsed in this science so when you filling up these hearses keep in my mind that those plans were giving for you & I and I cant that route i'm too alive, I'm too tired to co-exist inside but you a lie and you will fry before the fruit dry, in due time. follow my mind and never leave it.  you claim you love me girl but you always leave me. i'm lost in my ways i'm falling victim too these deamons. My pops should of had another son i'm only semen, too him of course but I know i'm more Genius. I cant take the negative shit get off my penis. If you wanna see me down and out why don't you leave me. I think you haven't realized the fact that you nee dme. I'm on my 3rd life, your third strike came from reason. I cant deal with the fake shit nor you either.

"Just leave me"

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