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  Chapter Summery: Shane and Joey are both in high school and go to their 12th grade Prom as friends, but leave as something more.

Genre: Fluff!


Shane's POV

     Finally! After Prom, only one more week left in this hell hole! I mean, there was only one thing about school that makes me happy, and that's my best friend, Joey. Truth was, not only is he my best friend, he's my crush.. I want to tell him how I feel.. How I've fallen for him so hard, but I just can't. What if he doesn't feel the same way? What if he does't want to be my best friend after that? I can't lose my best friend... Well, I'm not going to ruin my night with all these 'what if's'. I'm actually going to Prom with him; As friends, of course. Though, I wish we were together.. I exited my shower and changed into my tux. It had a blue bow-tie, which I love, and since the theme of the Prom is 'Mascarade', we have to wear masks. I went for the traditional black mask. What I think is awesome about me and Joey going to Prom together, is that our tuxes will be the opposite. Since I have a black tux with a blue bow-tie and a black mask, he'll have a blue tux with a black bow-tie and a blue mask. It was Joey's idea, but I loved it. It was so unique. It screams 'us'.


      I make it to the front of the school and enter in, ignoring the school jocks who look in disgust at me. I honestly don't give a shit about what they think of me, but I know it hits Joey hard. People make fun of him because he's a little feminine and flamboyant, but it's just him. He's my unique Joey and I don't care what anyone else thinks about that. I walk to the water fountain where I told Joey to meet me, but he wasn't there. I stood there for a second and when I turned my head to look again towards the door, out from the corner was Joey, looking as stunning as he could be. He was so beautiful. His emo hairstyle with blonde tips, his emerald-green eyes, perfectly white teeth. He's so perfect in every way.

 Joey: Hey Shane! You ready?

Shane: Y-Yeah.

    God, I just made a fool of myself. That's all I could've said! I mentally face palm and follow behind him, entering back into the auditorium where the main part of the Prom was being held. For the next few minutes, we just talked and danced a little. Not a close as I wanted to be, but any time I was able to spend with him was pure gold to me. He's like my own brand of drugs, but he's not bad for me. The song we were currently dancing to had ended and the DJ announced that the last song of the dance was a slow song and to find a partner. Oh shit...

Joey: Um, Shane? I know it's sort of awkward, but, will you have this dance with me?

    OH MY GOD!! HE JUST ASKED ME TO DANCE!!! I smiled wide and nodded as we got closer together. He put his arms around my neck slowly as I put my arms around his waist, his head resting softly against my shoulder. Ok, I have to say something..

Shane: Joey? I, um, want to say something, but promise me we'll sta-

   I was abruptly cut off by his incredibly soft lips against mine. I was shocked, but I kissed back, melting into it slowly. I couldn't believe this was actually happening! It's so surreal, but it was real life, and I wouldn't want it any other way. We pulled away and I had a smile ear-to-ear along with Joey. Joey: I love you so much, Shane. Please stay my best friend even if you don't feel the same.

Shane: Joey, you have NO idea how long I've wanted to do that. And just so you know, nothing could ever, and I mean ever, ruin our friendship.

  His eyes lit up and I pulled him in for a long, sweet kiss, our lips moving in sync with the music. It couldn't get better than this, and I enjoyed every second of it.


     Well, hello!! I hope you enjoyed this one shot!! I tried my best, and it's actually inspired by one of the themes for the upcoming 8th grade send-off!! Let me know what you thought of this in the comments!! Kay, Baii!! ~

Written By: Haylee (aka - @MyMusic13) 

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