Chapter 2 - Invasion

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They came from the sky. Thousands of them, probably more. Lighting the heavens with a green and red haze, the lights were almost blinding. Isaac stumbled to the window in awe despite him having known this would happen deep down. At first it was a blinding dazzling display and peaceful, people raised their arms to greet the craft lowering themselves to the earth.

They were no larger than fighter jets and were circle at their base. The cockpit was in the centre with a spherical window raised out the centre, a trio of arched spikes came out symmetrically from the edges of the circle with the tips about fifteen feet from the circle and arched in to form a circular shape the width of the spherical window. The cheers of crowds went silent and everything seemed to slow down as the ships hovered in the air over the city and beyond.

Isaac's attention was drawn back to the TV and while his attention had been diverted events had turned sour. The president of the UN was now being held at what Isaac guessed to be gunpoint but it was hard to tell because it was hard to tell where the Watchers arm ended and the weapon begun. The fact it was a weapon was clear from the hostage situation however and then the leader who called himself Kazuk began to speak,

"I want to share a story with you humans. Its a tale you'll remember for the rest of your pitiful lives, which won't be hard as you'll all be dead in an hour or less. Our homeplanet was destroyed a long time ago, millennia by earth standards. We had a great civilisation with technology far beyond your wildest imagination." His voice was burly and had an unidentifiable accent, "We used this to technology to travel far across the universe finding planets suitable for us to colonise on and developing new technologies on the way so that we could colonise whenever we found land to stand upon. These worlds were not always empty however, and this is where we came to know the name the Watchers, for a fairly short period of time we would study, then proceed to make contact with the races we came across, in fact you know this part of the story don't you? Then we would obliterate them just like you are about to experience. Before I let my brothers free to have some fun I should also mention that we travelled back in time to get here, how we did doesn't matter. Remember primitives, try enjoy your destruction".

With a sadistic smile on his face he turned in the direction his weapon he was facing and addressed the president,

"Thank you for your cooperation sir."

As his sentence left his mouth an projectile of energy or plasma, Isaac couldn't tell, left his weapon and proceeded to leave the president with no head. There was no blood, the projectile had been hot enough to evaporate his bodily liquids and all that was left was a smouldering mess on the floor.

The screams filled the streets, the ships fell like dead birds out of the sky. The next few minutes went like a blur, it became apparent the ships could change direction while in flight by having the limbs and cockpit rotate around the base to face the other direction. There was no noise while Isaac stare at the destruction below him, the only thing in his mind was his family, and the fact he probably would never see them again. He wished he could of said goodbye properly.

His thought process was broken by an extreme shift in weight in the building. It threw him off balance and he crashed into the wall with a sickening thud. At this point he realised the building was not at the angle it should be, the noise of glass smashing and metal warping was deafening. By the time he brought his senses too the building was very nearly horizontal and the only thing holding it was the tower beside it. Isaac walked along the wall trying not to give into vertigo.

"This is messed up"

He thought out loud but his words were swallowed in the racket. He jumped up to the door and swung himself over to the main office block. It was at this point he gave up. The office was void of desks and chairs as they had all fallen through the windows. A minimal amount of office workers had found refuge on the pillars between the floor and ceiling.

They won't survive this anyway, Isaac thought hopelessly to himself. So he let go. Gravity took a hold and pulled him through the offices and out the window. Adrenaline sped around Isaacs body and the fall seemed to slow and last forever. Then something nudged him and he felt nauseous and everything went black, he fell for another ten seconds before losing feeling all together.

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