I'm so excited I returned to write a story and here is posted :D


"Come on! You have to go to my birthday!" Sayd one of a girl from my class room, I didnt know her well

"I dont know, maybe I will... Were is it going to be?"

"At The Jokers Bar"

"Isnt that a bar for men only?"

"Yes, but we are only going to drink and get drunk after that we are going to my house and do what ever it came to our minds"

"I dont know, bye I have to go to clases" I torn arround and she ask

"You are going right?!" I just ignore her, I dont have friends in school but everyone wants to be my friend. I took the boring clases with the boring teachers. Then finally we arrived to the last teacher, everyone says that hes the hotest teacher only cause hes 23 years old. This thime he gave a class of vampires and werewolfs

"Does annyone have doubts... Questions... Rose" I look up and ask in my mind why the f**k is he calling me "Rose, what do you think about vampire and werewolf? You've been all class texting, so im couriuos to know what do you think"

"I think that I dont care so I wont answer you" I smile and look at my phone

"Well lets continue with the class" I raise my hand


"Think that thouse are just fantasy, vampires and werewolf dont exist" Some emo guys look at  me with a surprise face and the deportist guys too. I just look at my phone, then I stand up grab my bookbag and got out of the class room, then the school bell ring.

"Hey! Rose wait for me!" it was that pinkygirl of her birthday, I try to walk faster but she was runing. She grab my hand and say

"I love you Rose you are so cool" Then a 'cool guy' arrived and lay his arm in my shoulders

"Hi pretty"

"Leave me alone!" I walk faster and since the pinky girl takes the same buss as I do, I've desited to take a walk home

"Hey guys im not taking the buss today"


"Um ... Cauese my dad is waiting behind that three"

"Oh ok can I go and say hi to your dad?"

"NO! I dont like you leave me alone" She start crying while I start walking. Its was dark and im was tired of walking, so i took a shortcut. I start walking through the woods, I walk and walk and walk. Then I got out of the woods and saw a mansion. The door of the mansion open and there was the hotest man I've ever seen then I faint ...

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