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"Hey (y/n)!" You turned around as you were walking home and saw Sakuya dashing towards you. He was waving his hands in the air wildly. You loved how he was always himself. Always being weird. He would always make you smile through the littlest things. When he tripped over a rock while running to you you just chuckled at how clumsy he was.

"(Y/n), did you want to go to the festival with me tonight? I had gotten an extra ticket and immediately thought of you." You had a light pink sprinkled on your cheeks and you looked at the ground. He was confused, but once he realized what he said he started turning red. You looked back up just chuckled and nodded. Your heart started bounding faster. You hid your face in your palms.

"I' pick you up later" He removed your hands from your face and kissed your cheek and ran the opposite direction before you could say anything else. You blushed harder as you softly touched the area he had kissed. You felt like your heart was about to explode. 'My hearts beating fast. Is it because he kissed me on the cheek? Do I love him?' You questioned yourself over and over again while walking away.

~Time Skip~


You walked to the door and took a deep breath before opening the door. You looked at him up in down. He wore his favorite black and white shirt and his green and white striped jacket. He wore some beige pants and brown shoes. Even though he wore this almost everyday you always loved his looks. You looked up at his face. You admired how his green hair went in every direction. His red eyes always brightened your day making you love him even more.

"Is there something wrong with my face?" You shaked your head no and he just made a big grin. You both chuckled at the awkward moment. The laughing died down and you both headed out the door.

Sakuya's POV

I was walking to the festival with (y/n). She looked so beautiful. I starred at her for a good 5 minutes admiring her every feature.

We were walking past a both with little plushes as prizes. It was a ring toss game. You saw her eyeing the small vampire plush. 'She must like vampires...what a coincidence.' You showed the man in the both your ticket. For every ticket you showed him you got 2 tosses. You got a total of 4 tosses with (y/n) and your ticket. If you can get 2 of those rings on the bottle then you could get her that vampire plush. You got 3 tosses on the bottle and (y/n) jumped with joy. She got the plush. Right as you were gonna turn around to face her she wrapped her arms around your neck. You were shocked. 'Did she just hug me!' You quickly wrapped your arms around her waist pulling her closer to you.

"(Y/n) did you want to walk along the beach near by?"

"Sure I would love to!"

I grabbed her free hand and I started to blush. I could feel my face getting warmer. I looked at her and she looked at me. We were starring at each other's eyes. We both blushed even harder and as we did she started to grip tighter on my hand.

As we made it to the beach I looked at her. He beautiful (h/c) hair was shining in the moon light. Her (e/c) eyes shimmered and sparkled. She looked even more beautiful at night. I took a picture of this wonderful moment in my mind. I never want to forget this, I never want to forget her. 

"Sakuya look! There are baby turtles making their way to the ocean!" She let go of my hand and bent down looking at the beautiful turtles. My hand felt cold right after she let go. The warmth of her hand made me happy. I didn't want to let it go. I needed (y/n). I loved her!

(Y/n) POV

I watched as the turtles made their way to the ocean. I had a big smile on my face. Since I was bending down I started to stand back up. As I was standing a pair of arms wrapped tightly around my waist. I started to blush. I know this was Sakuya hugging me. The warmth of his body was different from others. I loved this feeling. I started to turn around.

"Saku-" I was cut off as lips were pressed against mine. My eyes widened. I was shocked and my body was stiff, but then I started to relax. I started to kiss back. The kiss was amazing and passionate. I never wanted to let go. I wrapped my arms over his shoulders. Everything was so warm. Sakuya broke the kiss and our eyes met.


"I- I love you (y/n)! I never want to let go of you." Sakuya stuttered as he was scared that you didn't have the same feelings.

"Sakuya. I-I um...I love you too!"

A/N: I hope you liked it! The photo above was made by me

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A/N: I hope you liked it! The photo above was made by me.
September 6,2016

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