Le Chara-cters

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My old zodiac book sucked donkey ballix and since im sucked into the fandom of undertale im like "da faq not? YOLO, b!tch" ye, oh and most of the things I get are most likely gonna be from other undertale zodiac books I've read so if you think ur sign is unfair. Don't hate me. Im just doing what it says and thats truth. Mkay? K, good. LEZ GU

I forgot the dates im so sorry 😂)

Aries: Adventurous, energetic, courageous, quick tempered, and selfish = Undyne

Taurus: Patient, reliable, loving, determined, but jealous, and greedy = Muffet

Gemini: Witty, lively, and adaptable, but nervous and tense = Asgore (GOAT DAD)

Cancer: Emotional, imaginative, cautious, but moody and touchy = Mettaton (DEM LEGS)

Leo: Generous, warmhearted, and creative, but bossy and interfering = Toriel (GOAT MOM A.K.A TORIIIII GIMME PIE IM HUNGRY)

Virgo: Modest, intelligent, shy but an over-worrier = Alphys

Libra: Sociable, charming, easy-going, gullible and easy influenced = Papyrus (PAPS!!! DONT KILL ME CUZ OF HOW TEAR-BLE MY PUNS ARE!! *gets dragged away* nooo gravity is too much........to handle •badum tss•)

Scorpio: determined and forceful, passionate, megalomaniacal, but resentful and secretive = Chara

Sagittarius: Optimistic, freedom loving, good-humored, but careless and reckless = Temmie (can i make a pun? Yeah? Ok. Screw good humored, you guys are too humerous •badum tss•)

Capricorn: Practical, patient, careful, but pessimistic and grudging = Flowey

Aquarius : Friendly, loyal, original, and unpredictable = Sans (im so proud of my birthday XD)

Pisces: Sensitive, kind, imaginative, but weak-willed, vague = Asriel

Did i do good? We all good?    >
A'righttt.                                         >
Sea ya.                                             >

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