Miracle | Kaitou Joker (Pt.1)

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I crossed the week off of my calendar and headed for the couch next to the window.

I looked out my window and sighed, thinking about the events that had happened lately. A warm teardrop dropped down from my cheek. 

"Why does this have to happen to ME? IN ALL OF THE 2 BILLION PEOPLE IN THE WORLD? WHY ME?" I screamed, but immediately regretted doing it. I grasped my chest and tried to calm down. My breathing however had got worse, and I wasn't happy about the throbbing headache either.

Soon the teardrops turned into a bucket of fresh, pathetic tears ran down like a waterfall down my cheeks.

Whilst all of this was happening, I had a painful flashback from a week ago.

*Flashback*- (Y/N) POV

I walked into my personal doctor's waiting room, basically waiting for one of the nurses to call my name. Finally one of them called me, so I stepped into Mrs. Emilia's office.

"Hi (Y/N)! How are you doing lately?" Mrs. Emilia, the doctor- asked.

"Nothing different except that my breathing has gotten worse" I snapped at her.

"Your breathing got worse? We need to do a blood check now. I'll fill you in" Mrs. Emilia frantically dialed the nurse's room number and soon, a nurse came in and led me into a white room that had some gray machines.

She exited the room for a second but came in soon after with a small syringe in her hands. I rolled up my sleeve and she injected the syringe and took out the blood that was in my arm. She brought it out and I was sent back to Mrs. Emilia's room. When I went in, she had a gloomy expression on her face.

I sat down on the chair infront of her desk and patiently waited for her to start speaking. She looked hesitant, so I ushered her to start speaking.

"So, your blood results were not good." Mrs. Emilia started to speak- very slowly.

"I expected that to happen, so why are you so hesitant to tell me that?" I demanded, wanting more answers coming from her.

"So well, the problem isn't only that." she stated.

"Then what is?" I asked. She brought out a diagram that shows the cells in my blood. 

"Look here" she pointed. "the black spots here are the bacteria that made the way through your blood. I'm sorry to tell you this, but your case of COPD has gotten worse and now..." She was being hesitant again.

"Tell me. NOW. I know you're hiding something Mrs. Emilia" I slammed my hands on her desk.

"Now" She sighed "You only have a month left to live"

To be honest, I was shocked. Because just a week ago, she had told me that my condition was getting better. I didn't show that I was shocked, though.

"Okay" I said, trying to stop my flowing tears that was hidden beneath my eyes. I stood up from my chair and headed for the door. I heard many people holler my name but I ignored them and ran out, towards the empty house.

*Flashback end*

Back to (Y/N) POV

The painful flashback was over, and when I turned my gaze to the windowsill, there was a red note with a blue dragon on it. It was embroided with tiny thundermarks and shapes on the edges. It was quite unusual for a letter- since most were white.

Anyhow, I opened it.

It read:

'Tonight at 7:00PM I will be here to take the Starship Garnet Necklace. I will be waiting for a fair battle. -Kaitou Joker-

"The Starship Garnet Necklace?" I mumbled, turning my gaze to the bedside table, I grabbed the star-shaped garnet necklace that my grandma wore everyday like it was her life.

"Is there a reason for me to protect this?" I spoke, deep in thought by myself.

The answer was simple- NO.

'And I mean, there's no guarantee that he will come at 7:00 anyway. I thought, smirking at the thought.

But little did I know, that it was a regretful mistake. 

Because when the clock turned 7:00, a boy that seemed around in the age of 15, came through the window with a small blue ninja with him.

"My name is Kaitou Joker, a kaitou thief- AKA Miracle Maker! I am here for the Starship Garnet Necklace" He claimed, and I reached for my bedside, trying to keep my cool.

"Here" I threw him the necklace. "Take it"

"What?" He looked puzzled. 

"You can have it, it's what you came for- right?" I stated, looking into his blue eyes.

'He's handsome' I thought  but shook that thought away as I payed attention to the situation.

He threw me the necklace back. 

"What?" I said, looking at the necklace in my hands. "Didn't you want it?"

"I prefer taking treasures with my own hand, not by being gifted by someone" He flashed a toothy grin until his comrade- the blue ninja poked him on the leg.

"What is it Hachi?" He asked. 'Oh, so his name is Hachi' I thought

"It's almost time to get going Joker-san, and are you sure that you're not going to take that treasure away?" He asked.

"Yeah I'm sure" He answered. He turned his gaze to me. "So, what's your name?"

"(F/N), (L/N)" I replied, "Yours is Joker right? Can I call you Joker?" I asked.

"Sure" Joker replied, "So I'll call you (Y/N) then" 

"Okay" I said.

"Well, I've gotta get going (Y/N) so I guess I'll see you around?" He rubbed the back of his neck, confused of what to say.

I laughed for the first time in 2 months.

"E-eh?" He jumped back, surprised, "Why are you laughing?"

"Just" You stated, your coolness coming back to you. "Well, I guess so too. But you've got to go- right? That's what Hachi-san said" 

Joker looked at Hachi and Hachi looked at Joker. They both nodded- I'm guessing that they're agreeing on something by telepacy.

"Well then, I've got to be going!" He said blowing a blue-ish bubble gum balloon along with Hachi and flying back through the window. I waved a small goodbye to them, and faced the window until they were not seen, disappeared within the moon.

Little did I know, that that meeting in the night was a start of a relationship. 


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