Remember me - Chapter 2

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Remember me

By Mallory Quinn

Chapter 2

"Excuse-me, do I know you?"

When the nurses entered the room in the sunny morning, they were surprised to see "the sleeping beauty" with her eyes opened.

-Oh, "Angel face" you're awake! Said one of the nurses, I'll go get the doctor. Doctor! The "sleeping beauty"... What's your name?

"Sleeping beauty" why were they calling her like that? The doctor had arrived and was conducting an examination on her.

-So what's your name, Sleeping Beauty? Asked the doctor.

-Not, "Sleeping Beauty", she said with a week voice.

o-We know that, said the doctor, that's why we're asking you for your name...

"The Sleeping Beauty" remained speechless. What was her name, again? She didn't know. The black hole, the void, nothing.

-I... I... I don't know... I don't remember... but... Oh... My God!

-Easy, said the doctor, you just woke up from a long coma, it's normal, let time pass a little, ok?

- Ok.

But time passed and she still didn't remember her name. The doctor came back to see her.

-So "Sleeping Beauty", still nothing?

- Nothing... the black hole...

-We are going to register you as "Jane Doe" on your file, until you remember your name.

- Jane Doe?

- That's the name we give patients that don't remember anything... John for a man and Jane for a woman...

- "Jane Doe", it makes me sound like miss everybody... "Sleeping Beauty" was better, but since I'm not sleeping anymore...

She heard something in her head: " ...Juliet" ...was that her name?

- Juliet, she said.

- Oh, that's your name? You remember?

- No, but it's the only name in my head... Juliet.

- Ok, we're going to call you Juliet, then. The nurses nicknamed you "Angel face".

- "Angel face", "Sleeping Beauty"... she said.

- It's more phrases, than given names... said the doctor.

- That's very nice, she said smiling... maybe I'm mean with a bad temper...

- With a face like yours? No, said the doctor, you must be goodness incarnate.

- Stop it doctor, you're going to make me blush...

She actually blushed when she heard the compliment. And the doctor thought she was so beautiful.

- You'll need to do some exercises for your body that's now weak.

- Members you don't use atrophies...

- Exactly.

The doctor started thinking. Not a lot of young girls use that kind of vocabulary.

- I'm going to send a nurse with a wheel chair so you can go to the garden.

- Ok, doctor, she said smiling.

The doctor was looking at her, she had long blond and curly hair that had grown during all those months. They were undone pass her shoulders to her breast. Did she have a family? No one came to see her. Since she didn't have any memory, she couldn't tell them anything about herself.

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