Chapter 1: This Middle Finger

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Im support Prod with his decision of leaving Mindless Behavior. But im sad still, they been here for years.... #RIPMINDLESS

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 ~Kia POV~

"Wassup mami, how you been?" Jose hugged me tight and we walked close together on the sidewalk.

"I could of been better, still having the dreams of them." He placed his arms over my neck, even though i was shorter then him.

"Mami its okay, im here for you girl." Jose is my best friend and i love him like a brother. We joke with each other, mess around a bit, you know the things best friends do.

We arrived at the hell house. I threw my hood over my head and held my head low. Jose held me close though. I hate coming here, i learn nothing so whats the point.

Jose gave me a kiss on the nose before walking to his own locker. I went over to mine which was a far distance from his.

"Hey Kia, what class you got next?' My step sister Jaryn asked me. Im the silent type of person, nobody in class heard me really talk. My step mother had told the teachers about my past so they let my silence past, since i am the best student here in the school.

"Health class, you?" My voice was soft and quiet, barely audible. The family grown use to it so can understand me easy.

"I got the same! Leggo." She locked our arms together and made me skip with her.

We arrive in the room only for eyes to stare at us.

"Jaryn, Kia, so nice of you two to join us. Find your seats." There were only two seats left. One by this football player and another by a guy with greenish brown eyes. Jaryn glanced at me and ran towards the seat with the football player. I sighed and made my way to the other guy.

He stared at me for a while until looking back at the teacher. 

"Okay class, were going to do a project about babies. Your partners are the person sitting next to you. Since everyone is sitting next to they other sex." She smiled at us. Everyone in the class groaned.

"Anyways, I will each give you a baby doll to care for. There's a monitor that can tell if your treating it right, feeding the baby its "food", and changing it. This project will count as 60% of your grade for the semester. I want you to write an essay about the baby's progress, how many times you feed it a day, changing the diaper, and etc. " Mrs. Walkowits handed everyone a baby doll.

I glanced at the boy next to me, he seemed distant and cold. I don't know why but I got this certain error being next to him.

"You taking the baby first or shall I do the honors?" I asked him quietly taking out my notes. He just stared at me like I had 3 heads.

"Whatever." He snatched the baby out my hands and stuffed it into his bag.

"Im not going to let you fail me, so I suggest you take our damn baby out of there." I glared at him and took his backpack. Im not going to let this nigga fail me, hell to the no. I held the baby in my arms and rocked it back and forth.

"Where do you live so we can take care of the baby together and work on this essay." He asked me, while staring. I shifted my eyes uncomfortably towards my hands. His voice was smooth and deep, kinda sexy if you ask me. I shook my head at the thought. Don't nobody want a girl like me, at least that's what everyone say.

I wrote my address down on his notebook and hand. His eyes never once left my face. Am I that ugly that he must stare?

"So, what's your name?" I didn't once look at him, but his eyes.... they were piercing through me! If eyes could kill I sure enough be dead.

"Chresanto." And then the bell rung. He got up, throwing his bag over his shoulder. I was still frozen in my seat. I don't know why, but that name seemed so.... terrifying and familiar.

Who ever this guy was, I should really stay away from him. I got a gut feeling that he's just the wrong type of guy to be near.


So its been 2 months I think since I updated this right? Well, nobody reads this really but I realize some people do. So Imma update my stories and do a lot of corrections tomorrow and so on. I don't got school so yeah.

Thank you everyone

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