Death Do Us Part (Roc Royal)

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~Kia POV ~~

"Do you all realize that this is the most idiotic thing a human being can do! Just chilling in the woods at night getting high like its all good. I'm going home." I said walking away until my persistent brother gripped my arm pulling me back.

"Kia stop being such a baby, you know nobody be in these woods." He reminded me.

I glared at him and walked back to the camp fire my friend Tami made.

"Elide it don't matter if we are the only group here, don't you watch horror movies?! Like you just chilling in the woods and then out of nowhere something pops up and kills us all!" I screamed in his face while waving my arms. I was about to leave again until my best friend Antwon pulled me on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me, so i couldn't escape.

"Kia you need to start loosing up. I can help you with that." Antwon whispered seductively in my ear. I already knew he was high by his new eye color and the way he was talking.

"Elide!! Antwon is going to rape me!" I screamed playfully wigging out his grip. I heard Antwon chuckle to, and he started pulling me closer.

"Girl you better stop moving, save all that energy for the bed." He smirked.

I slapped him, because come on, hitting high dudes is fun. I run to my brother and squeezed him.

"Big brother i was s-so scared. And I want to go home.... I'm getting colder by the second." I told my brother while shaking.

It was cold as hell out here though. Like -0 degrees below kind of cold, but its summer time.

"Okay little baby, be right back guys." He waved at Tami, Antwon, and some other guys I don't care for.

We got to the house about 2 minutes later since its right there, and i heard screaming not to far away. That's Tami's voice.

"Elide come on!" I holler and bolted towards where the camp site was. As soon as me and Elide got there, i felt like throwing up.

Blood, and intestines was splattered everywhere. I seen Antwon split in half revealing his insides, and some other dudes head rolling around. I looked around for Tami and she had her back against a bark tree. There was a tall figure inn front of her with some kind of blade in his hand.

"Get the fu_k away from her!" My brother shouted running towards the figure.

The figure turned around, and all i seen was a green eyed person with tan skin. He had half his face cover though. He slashed Elide' s head clean off. I broke down crying and Tami started screaming. The man turned back around to Tami and raised his blade.

"P-please let me go! I wont tell nobody. Please let meg-" Tami began, but she was cut short with the man's blade stabbing her in the heart. She slowly looked down with wide eyes and started slowly dying. The man took the blade out her chest and had her heart pumping on the tip of the blade. He took the heart off and squeeze it to death making it burst. He stabbed Tami's eye out and threw the eye at me. I look down in my lap and seen Tami's hazel eyes staring right at me.

I didn't scream or cry, i was to in shock to do anything. I slowly looked up to see the man bended down a inch from my face staring. He started chuckling.

"What the hell do you want!" I spat in his face. He just simply chuckled and came closer to my face.

"Actually, i want you." He whispered down in my ear.

I closed my eyes and screamed bloody murder.

I opened my eyes and felt my self laying down on soft cushion. I looked around only to see i was in my room. Damn I had that same nightmare again. Its been 5 years since that incident, and im still traumatized by it though. I was 12 then, so young. I miss my friends and brother though. That same night my parents got killed so i was a orphan. Some family at 13 adopted me though, but im so anti-social with them.

"Sweetie are you okay, i heard screaming again?" My fake mother asked cracking the door. I know she cares, but she's not my mother.

"Im fine." I mumbled with attitude.

"Okay dear just making sure. I made some breakfast, and Jose is here to pick you up from school." She smiled at me.

I nodded and waved my hand at her meaning shoo or go away. She nodded and closed the door. I know its wrong treating them like this, but i miss my real family. Ever since that day i changed, i dont let nobody come close in my bubble. Other then Jose and some other friends. Also my step-sister. But that's it!

"God why did you take them away from me." I whispered, gathering my clothes.


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