Chapter one

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I looked around, quietly thinking to myself. It was dark, but it was an unnatural darkness as if, I was in an enclosed space. I started walking around,my feet and ankles getting wet from something below me. I wasn't sure what, but I hoped it was water. As I continued forward, the liquid substance made it's way up my body until it was to the point where I had to start swimming. I was confused and quite frankly a bit scared. I felt something grab at my foot and try to pull me under, I freaked out and started frantically kicking to keep my head above whatever it was I was swimming in. Something else grabbed my other leg and I was dragged down, but I was able to hold my breath as I was pulled under. I tried to wriggle free of whatever had bound me to the ground. I looked down to see two of my friends, Jaden and Andrew, each had a hold of either of my legs. Something was off about them though, their smiles, their smiles where utterly disturbing. They were just unnatural looking and twisted, they looked as if they wanted to hurt me. With the fear for my life building up, I struggled more. I knew I was stronger then Andrew, but I wasn't sure about Jaden. Either way, I wanted to get out alive, not matter the cost. I kick frantically, I used my hands to try and push them away. I couldn't hold my breath any longer, I let it out in the form of a scream. As I felt the liquid quickly filling my lungs, I shot up, sweating and breathing heavily.

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