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Broken is book one of the bestselling This Series. It's my debut novel, and it's one I've struggled to be proud of for a long time. There's head hopping, third person past tense, little contractions, and SO. MUCH. TELLING.

I had to start somewhere. In that way alone, I am kind of proud of it because it shows my progress. But when people read one of my newer works then go to my back list, I CRINGE at the thought of them having to read Broken to get to Mending (which is worlds better even though it's still lacking in so many ways).

Many times I've tried to re-edit it. Several times, I started re-writing it. See, another issue was I don't think I was all that true to my characters. I was finding my voice, struggling with what my family would think if they said a bad word or had sex (gasp).

I'm over all that now, and it's on my mind again. When I sent it to my editor to have her try to work magic, it became clear the only magic that could occur would be for me to rewrite it. Editing a few pages was taking me hours. Far longer than just sitting down and bleeding onto the page. And editing. It's far more painful too.

So, here I am. Rewriting my first novel not because I have to - oddly enough, it's my best selling novel - but because my soul needs to fix it. Gabby and Bradley are demanding I make their beginning as epic as their ending.

I hope you enjoy this version of their story. Please note this is my rough draft and will go through edits at a later date. Because I'm working in two different tenses and POVs, please bear with me if there are discrepancies. It's so hard to go between the two like this. My brain plays tricks on me. 

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