Being Sorted

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"Are you nervous?" Severus asked me, a plain look on his face, no expression visible in his large dreamy brown eyes.

"Nice face Snivellus. Want me to punch it for you?" A familiar voice said.

How could I have forgotten that no good bullying douchebag?He was bullying Severus, wow, and he had a group now as well. That stupid arrogant-

"Hey Pup."

"Oh hi Sirius!" I giggled like a two-year-old. "Wait, why are you hanging out with Potter?" I said the name with as much disgust as I could.

"Why are you hanging out with Snivellus?" Sirius retorted.

"Do you have a crush on him?" A boy that strangely resembled a rat asked.

"Wormtail!" Sirius shot the boy a threatening warning glance. "Well do you?"

Before I could answer I suddenly became aware of my surroundings again.

My name was called to be sorted and I stepped up and realised though I tried to hide it I was scared.

This would determine the type of people I hung about with for the next seven years of my life. The hat was placed on my scruffy black hair.

"Intelligent, wise and creative." It whispered in my ear, "RAVENCLAW!" It boomed across the hall.

I was handed my tie and walked across to the Ravenclaw table. I sat next to a girl called Myrtle Warren.

A Slytherin boy that had just been sorted before me(Tom Riddle)gave me the type of look Black had given that boy. I felt something different when I looked at him, that same funny feeling I felt around Severus but twisted into some dark monstrous creation.


Professor Dumbledore gave me a look like he could read my thoughts. But of course he couldn't!! Could he?...

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