~Rayne | The Sick~

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The couple smiled at each other before a squire appeared behind the Lord and informed him that the guests would arrive and the feast was to go under way. Ned and Catelyn took each other's arms and walked all the way to the court where they tried to round up all of the Starks to stand in a line to greet their visitors.

Catelyn held their newest born, Rickon. Robb stood next to Catelyn and Sansa stood beside him. Then went the five year old, Arya. After Arya was Bran who was three. Behind the line of Starks stood the prisoner Theon Greyjoy, a bastard Jon Snow, and a lady Rayne Cerwyn.

Jon and Rayne were constantly messing around with light shoves and kicks all the while laughing mischievously before Catelyn turned around and scolded them, mostly directing the hateful words towards Jon.

Soon the other Lords and their men rode through the gates of Winterfell and immediately latched their eyes onto the Starks. The greetings went by pretty fast and soon everyone was in the great hall feasting on food that made their smiles widen and their bellies fill so much that they found trouble in walking.

"So, Ned! What are your plans for this one?" Lord Umber ruffled young Brandon's hair. "Gonna marry him off to Robert's new daughter?"

"Now, it's much to soon to be thinking about marriage propositions. For any of my children." Ned dismissed with a laugh.

"If you need help deciding, let me know. I got a daughter of my own that I need to wed off."

"Well, I'll most certainly let you know." Ned soon changed the discussion to the impending winter that would soon sweep over the country and drown it in a blanket of white.

Rayne soon disconnected from eavesdropping and let her eyes wander the room. The hall was decorated in darker colors and themes creating a warmer feel to the room. Gazing at the intricate carvings in the wall, her eyes landed on Jon Snow. The bastard born in the south.

It may have seemed as though Jon had felt Rayne's gaze on him since he looked around before standing up and briskly walking out of the feasting hall. From next to the Stark family, she followed Jon with her eyes as he left.

Utterly curious, she muttered an "Excuse me." and stood from her spot at the table before trailing after Jon Snow.

The corridors seemed endless as she ran after where she thought he went. Remembering Jon's secret hideout made the young Lady's pace quicken. The air was cold, colder than the night before, and Rayne found herself wrapping her arms around herself for warmth.

The girl saw Jon on his usual spot, his arms were wrapped around himself just like her's were and when he heard her footsteps he whipped around almost dizzingly.

"Rayne? Why are you out here? It's too cold, go back inside." He ordered in a concerned manner.

As much as Rayne despised being pushed around she had to admit that his concern for her was flattering. Enough flattery was present to bring a small smile to her lips.

"I could say the same to you." said Rayne.

A smile appeared on his features as well and soon they were both giggling like the children they were.

She took a seat close to him, so close that their knees were touching and the warmth that radiated off of them could be felt by the other.

"So why are you out here?"

"My head just aches and so does my body. Figured the cold air could help." Jon shrugged his shoulders.

"I would figure it would do the exact opposite." Rayne sarcastically stated.

There was silence in the air for a good while before Rayne noticed Jon's shivering.

"We should be going back now, people will wonder where we've gone." Rayne stood and offered her hand to him.

However, Jon didn't take it. He closed his eyes and winced for a brief moment before opening his eyes and looking around at his surroundings and then at Rayne's extended hand. His eyebrows furrowed and Rayne read the emotions with confusion.

"Where are we? How did we get here?" Jon questioned in a puzzles whisper.

"What do you mean?" Rayne's own brows furrowed.

"I.." Jon started but closed his eyes.

His face started getting hot and there was a noticeable layer of sweat, contradicting the cold night.

"Jon are you alright?"

The boy's eyes remained closed before his body went limp and he fell onto the stone floor. Rayne rushed to his side and shoved his arm multiple times to try and wake him but to no avail.

"Help! Somebody!" Rayne's screams penetrated through the quietness of the dark.

She screamed over and over again until soon she was being held back by a guard while two other ones were picking Jon up and whisking him away. Rayne broke free from the human constraints and began running after the unconscious boy.

"Jon," the small girl whispered as she grasped his hand, please don't leave me."

Before she could process anything else, arms wrapped around her torso and Robb was pulling her away from Jon. The guards rushed Jon to the infirmary and Catelyn and Ned followed and as the huge oak doors closed, Rayne was sobbing into Robb's shoulder.


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