IMPORTANT: this whole last chapter is kaelyn's point of view, but one little thing. everything written in between the *** and the *** is all a flashback.  i tried to make it obvious, i just hate writing the word "flashback" and "end of flashback" 'coz that seems a little tacky to me. no offense to those who do that...

and the song on the side is the song i imagine philip and kaelyn dancing to ♥ ... just maybe without the lyrics... or with... you decide which u prefer... i just love the song 

i hope you enjoy the final chapter of The Horse in the Prince's Stables!




           Snow is falling gently down from the sky as winter is creeping over the lands. The courtyard is covered with a light sprinkling of white, soon to be ruined by the many footsteps of the servants and guards wandering across it. The stillness of the season brings a sense along a sense of peace.

          I sighed as I stretched out on the little couch by the window. Snowflakes drifted lazily downwards. Memories of that day resurfaced as the torches in the gatekeeper's towers were lit. The flames blazed brightly, becoming beacons of the night as darkness descended. They looked like her watchful eyes...

          Smoothing out my dress, I closed my eyes and mentally sorted through everything that had happened. It had only been a couple months ago, but to me, I felt as if it had all occurred only yesterday... 


          I woke up feeling safe and warm. My left hand especially trapped in cocoon of... something. I cracked my eyes open, blinking to focus my vision. Sunlight was streaming in through a window, allowing natural light to brighten up the room. It was furnished quite nicely. A lone armchair sat in the corner, with two bookshelves sitting behind it. Directly opposite from where I lay, a large wardrobe carved with elaborate designs sat with one of it's doors slightly ajar. The other side of the room had yet another bookshelf and a small table. 

          It was an awfully nice room to wake up in.

          Glancing down, I noticed Philip was sitting in a chair, his arms and head resting on the side of the bed. His hand was wrapped around mine. A small smile played with my lips, and I couldn't stop the butterflies that fluttered around inside of me. 

          "I love you..."

          He said those words to me, just before the unbelievable pain seared through my entire body. I shuddered at the memory. When I tried to remember what happened after that... There was nothing. This room, being here in the bed and with Philip sound asleep at my side... That was what happened next.

          I squeezed my eyes closed. There was something else... I just couldn't quite grasp it...

          Then it all came back to me.

          I was shrouded in darkness, clinging to life. A low thudding noise echoed all around me. It took me a minute to realize that the sound was my very own heart beat. It was terrified me at how slow it was becoming. But, Gabriella spoke to me... Her voice giving me comfort.

          While her exact final words to me remained still a mystery, I could remember the meaning of what she had done... Only now did I realize what she sacrificed... I could only sit there speechless. I couldn't comprehend it at all. 

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