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Victoria James looks up at her date she's been dating for 4 months now. Everything is perfect. He is perfect. She looks up in to his clear gray eyes she loves and smiles at him. Greg Parker is nothing but sweet to her. For someone who is a lawyer working his way up the food chain to be partner at his firm and he's only twenty- eight years old, he knows how to woo her. He has mentioned that by thirty he will be married with a child and will make partner and she believes he will accomplish that. She couldn't help secretly hoping that she will be his wife. She blushes at the thought and drops her eyes. He holds the door open for her at the hottest restaurant that people wait for months to get a reservation. Nothing is impossible for Greg. She walks through the door and looks up at him again and studies his face. He has black hair. So black it almost blue. He has it slicked back with a part on the side. It is so slicked nothing will move his hair. She chuckles at the thought. Her eyes moves to his straight nose. It always reminds her of somebody so regal. Her eyes moves to his strong jawline covered with a 5 o'clock shadow. She loves the feel of it when he rubs his face on hers. And the burn it leaves behind when he kisses her neck. And his lips, oh God his sexy lips. His sexy pink full kissable lips. And he knows how to use it. It's getting harder and harder for her to resist him.

Even though he seems perfect and is a woman's wet dream, there is something that bugs her about him. It's the little things. Like his need to constantly order her meals when they go out to eat. Which is often. It was something small at first and she just thought that he did it because he cared. But it got to the point when he did it and she made a comment that she wanted something else, he just laughs and tell her that the dish he picked was better and let him handle it. And if that wasn't bad, she hated when he paraded her in front of his friends or co-workers. She didn't like his friends because they always came off sleazy and they made disgusting comments to her. And she just got bad vibes from them and sometimes even from Greg when they were drinking. They always looked at her like she was piece of meat and it never sat right with her. His married friends were even worst.

She voiced her concerns to her best friend Jen. But she just told her that she wasn't used to somebody doing anything for her and she just enjoy it while it lasted. And that he was just showing off his worldly ways. She made a point and kept her mouth shut. Because her friend would never steer her wrong. It has just been the both of them since they met at foster care when they were 14 when her family died. They helped each other through everthing. And they pushed each other to get their GED's and finish nursing school early. But their dream job is to work for new species at homeland or reservation. Victoria always had a soft spot for them. She wanted to help them and always defended them when someone said a hateful word about them. She couldn't imagine the feeling of being locked up and abused and killed for something you had no control over.

"Did you enjoy your dinner?" Greg said interrupting her thoughts.

"Yes I did." She said smiling up at him.

"And wasn't the oysters to die for?"

"You were right they were delicious." She said giggling.

He put his arm around her and walked her to his silver Porche Chayenne. She loved his car. She always thought it was flashy like him. He opened the car door for her and helped her get into it. He dragged his finger on her arm causing her to shiver. His smile widens and he closed the door to walk over to the driver side to get in. He turned to look at her and gave her a cocky grin.

"I told you. And the steak tar tar and the red wine?"

She cringed and said, "I didn't care for that. I was told that the chicken is good there and I really wanted to try it."

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