chapter 10 fire again

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it's going to be everyone's pov for now okay I'm a puppy lover is on the case
Pup's Ryder said I Misst
you we did
too Ryder The Pups said hi I'm Jock the mer pup just transformd from fins to legs German Shepherd /German Pinscher said I'm sally Jack Russell/Chihuahua said I have no name but please call me King I think thats a good name for you the chihuahua said
call me lucky that's a good name for you said Ryder Amy said that's my brother

that night
Sally was watching out for Danger then went to sleep
we slept
At a cabin mayor humdinger came set the place on fire
the pups were asleep except for Sally waking up everybody ryder was scared everybody was Ryder told the owner the owner called the fire Department Ryder had hard time breathing the fire scatterd over each cabin everybody else
got out the pups had hard time breathing too it was up to Sally Ryder the pups coft help us please Sally stade beside them saw a place to bark then barkt everybody herd her barking everybody was quiet for 2 sec the fire Department came Ryder and the pups where saved And are okay .

each one of you pups we're Brave strong and good pups stade together Sally thank you very much thank you all each and every one of y'all Has a bage for staying rescuing us the hi Guys it's me I'm a puppy lover
I hope you all enjoyed the story I'm a puppy lover is on the case

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