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Before you read this I am very aware that I'm not good at grammar and spelling at times.

I'll just ignore your comment if it is rude.


Lillith's life turned upside down the day before she was to turn seventeen. She soon came to find out that her parents are keeping a very big secret from her. That very secret was that they are werewolves. Not only that but they turned into the rarest wolf you could imagine. Both of her parents turned into the legendary white wolf. Not to mentioned they are the alphas of their very own pack. Lillith learned that on her seventeen birthday she will transform from human to animal. The problem was that her parents didn't know what she would transform into. It is said that when two white wolves mate and have a child of their own. That their child will not turn into a wolf but a different type of creature. It only happens with the first born and Lillith has a younger brother. Thus means that he will turn into a wolf on his seventeenth birthday. Lillith isn't sure what to think about this and is scared about transforming for the first time, knowing that she doesn't know what she will transform into. On her seventeenth birthday, right before she is about to transform, rogue werewolves show up, demanding Lillith. Her parents will do everything in their power to keep them from getting her. Soon after the rogues leave, another pack comes across her parent's land. They have come to find peace and a home. They soon find a place among Lillith's parent's pack and help fight against the rogues. Among the pack that came to live with them is a boy by the name of Paris. He will do everything in his power to protect the beautiful Lillith, who he has fallen in love with. Can they protect Lillith or will they fail?

I have some questions.

Should I write this?(keep in mind that I am excited about this story. Don't ask why. I got it from a dream.)

What should I call the story?

Can someone help me with like the grammar and spelling?(I might ask for other help so keep that in mind.)

One other thing do not comment this asking me to read your story.

I will be making a "read my story" page or whatever and you can comment on it about reading your story.


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