Naruto The Twin Swords

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Naruto The Twin Swords

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Chapter 25


Part 1

Lemon Story

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Author's Notes:

This series was created as a separate entity for the Naruto Dragon Champion series that I started. The reason for the separation was the fact that making epic stories with lemons would consume too much time and while I enjoyed doing that in GunDread SEED The Second Stage, I discovered that it would consume too much time and I didn't want to delay the chapters of Naruto Dragon Champion and I would lose my train of thought for the series...

Thus the lemons are here instead of being in the main story. Just so everyone is clear. The scenes that are about to be written here will NEVER happen in the anime and manga in real life....though I wish it could. So they will only be found here in this story. And since we ARE talking about four women after one can bet all the money in your wallets and BA (Bank Accounts is you have any.) that things are about to get really hot and steamy.

All right, enough banter....on with the show!!!


In the bed room...

Naruto could only moan in pleasure at the moment as Kurenai and Anko continued to lick and play with his ears at the moment, while Shizune was busy touching his back and shoulder blades and placing gentle kisses that got his blood going....and the sight of the blonde Hokage in her birthday suit and between his parted legs made Naruto feel very alive for some reason...

He shivered as Kurenai and Anko began to rub their bodies on his own....and that allowed their breasts to move up and down on his arms at that moment and it was taking so much of his will power to not lose it at that moment. However it seemed that it was exciting the four mature women even more as Tsunade touched Naruto's erect cock at the moment and she smiled at Naruto.

"You look so hard Naruto-kun....I was amazed when I saw this you know...."


The blonde Hokage smiled was she began to run her hands slowly on Naruto's cock and it was quick to react as well, much to her delight as she touched it. The blonde Hokage had to admit that it had been years since she had ever been with a man and she was eager to feel the pleasure and bliss of being with a man, it was even more of a turn on to know that the man liked her back and now was the time for her to see just how much of a man Naruto had become.

Naruto turned his head to the right and Kurenai was quick to take advantage and kissed Naruto deeply in the mouth and the red eyed Jonin reached down and grabbed Naruto's right hand and placed it on her breast and Naruto began to massage Kurenai's breasts slowly....making the red eyed woman moan in pleasure as they kissed each other as Anko took her own route into pleasuring the blonde Chuunin as she kissed and licked his Naruto a number of kiss marks on his body. She then takes his left arm and places his fingers in her mouth and proceeds to lick and suck on them for a few minutes before moving his hand to her breasts and making Naruto touch her breast with his fingers.

Shizune was not planning on being left out on the action as she continued to kiss and lick Naruto's back and skin while pressing her hands in certain parts of the body. As a skilled Medic Nin, she was familiar with the human body and how it worked, though not in the same caliber as that of Tsunade....and being trained in the art since she was young by Tsunade....she was familiar with how to use chakra to enhance a person's reactions to stimulus and she was going to put that knowledge to good use.

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