Diary Of A Stripper (1)

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Dear Diary

When I Tell People Im A Stripper They Think I'm A Hoe. I laugh At Them Because Honestly I'm Just Trying To Make Money, Dance Is Life For Me. You may Ask Why Don't You Do Something Else That Involve Dancing Other Than Stripping, Well I See This As Good paying Job Not A Career I Dream Of Being A Choreographer But I guess That Dream Is Going To be Put On hold. As For Now I'm Doing What I Do Best

Sincereley Bubbles

First I Want To Start Off By Saying Hi, They Think Everybody That's A Stripper Has The Same Background Story, well Not Me i Chose To Work here It's Basically Like A Hobby. I Didn't Get Raped, Fell Into A Deep Depression None Of That Shit, I just Felt As If This Was Something I Wanted To Do. Another Thing I Honestly Don't Know How I'm A Hoe If, I'm Still A Virgin And My last boyfriend Was When I Was 16 And I'm 22 now So Yeah Who ever calls Me A Hoe can Suck My dick. I'm Classy, But I Also Got My Ghetto Side. But Yeah That's Most Of My Story, And About Me.

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"Diary Of A Stripper"

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