Bring Me The Horizon. Crucify Me-Poem My Own Version

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November 11, 2011:

My smile is genuine, My eyes are so deep,

For all of the secrets, That they keep,

I've seen a strong man break, A baby cry,

By words of hate, That when the tide is high,

It would drag us out, To die at sea,

But I am no ocean, Nor am I the sea,

So depths could not salvage me, They should save themselves,

So the man couldn't break, The baby didn't cry,

They surely didn't try, To save themselves,

To catch their past, Before they drowned,

And fought their death, Though I fought right back,

Into the sea, That the world did salvage me,

I ran through the abyss, Jump over the deep,

That my lungs daid protect me,

I saved myself, I saved my breath,

I caught my past, Just missed my death,

I made it out alive, But saw it only through my eyes,

Gasping from my mouth, Just to catch more breath,

This is hell, But you wouldn't believe it,

For I have seen it, Trust my eyes,

Their gentle like that sea, Believe my smile,

Despite all else,


There is a world inside of me.

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