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We end up at a small two-story house in North Minneapolis. Ashbel led me inside and up the stairs where I saw two girls playing a video game.

"Emily! Quit shooting me and shoot the zombies!" One of the girls screamed. She had a pixie-cut with maroon streaks, and thick black glasses.

"DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW FREAKING HARD IT IS TO AIM, KRIS?!?" Emily shouts back. She also has short blonde hair, but it's a bit longer than Kris'.

"Both of you shut the fuck up. I'm going to work on a project with my friend-"

"Partner." I interrupt Ashbel's speaking. "Just partners."

"Fine. Partners. We're going to my room." Ash grabs my wrist and drags me into her room, shutting and locking the door behind us.

I look around the small room with a blue foam floor and blue walls, and smile. It's covered wall to wall in books and merch from fandoms I'm a proud part of.

Ash jumps onto the large bed in the center of the room and digs around in her black and blue bag. She pulls out a box of cereal, a package of oreos, a bunch of sweets, and a two-litre of pop.

"Shit. Wrong bag." She throws the kind-of empty bag away and grabs a different one. She opens that one to reveal a large binder and her school mandated computer. She pulls out her binder and grabs the assignment from English.

"Let's get down to business!" She chants, and I recognize this song immediately.

"To defeat the Huns!"

"Did they send me daughters?"

"When I asked."

"FOR SONS!" We finish the verse and laugh.

"Wow carrot top. Didn't know you liked Disney so much." Ashbel sends me a sly grin and I glare jokingly.

"Says the chick who dresses like a biker punk, yet knows the lyrics to a Disney song." I reply, and she bites her tongue.

"The villans have the best songs! Can we agree on this?" I nod at her totally true statement while pulling out my school folder and grabbing my computer. I open it up, and we get started on our presentation.

About 2 hours later there's a knock on the bedroom door. "Ashbel, there's pizza for you and your friend!" Kris calls, knocking again.

I look at the door from my place on Ash's bed, pinned underneath her while she continually boops my nose. "Kris, help!" I shout, trying to hide my poor, defenseless nose.

"No Kris, stay out there! She's being punished for booping me!" Ashbel replies, and boops my nose once more before hopping off me and opening the door.

Kris stands there, looking between us curiously. "So... what exactly happened here?"

I looked at Ash and smirked. "Potatoes." She nodded and turned back to her sister.

"We cannot share this classified information you're seeking. Thank you." Kris nods slowly and backs out of the room before running away. She heads down the stairs screaming.

I look over at Ash and laugh a bit. She laughs as well, and realization strikes me.

"Are we.... friends?" I ask her, wanting to confirm the title. If she said yes, she would be my first friend in a long time.

She nods. "Yeah. We're definitely friends." I hop off the bed and walk over to her. We link arms, me being tilted a bit due to height differences, and we skip out of the room and towards the stairs.

Huh. I have a friend. Who knew that was gonna happen?

I laugh, grabbing another slice of pepperoni pizza. "So wait... you're telling me that she did ballet for 5 years?"

Kris hides her face in shame as her dad continues speak of her childhood. "Yes she did, and she was quite good at it as well."

"Sh-shut up!" She screams at Dave. He ruffles her hair and laughs.

"You were adorable," Ash comments, smirking. I giggle at Kris's blushing face, filled with embarrassment and rage.

"I WAS NOT NOW SHUT UP!" She screams, her voice cracking a million times over. I pull out my phone, still laughing, and see the time.

"Oh... I should be getting home soon. My parents need me," I tell the family, my smile fading. Dave nods and stands from the table.

"I'll drive you home." He says, walking out to the car. I follow, Ash speeding ahead to reach the car first. I reach the car a bit after, keeping a leisurely pace.

We all load into the car, me in the backseat and Ashbel riding shotgun, and Dave follows my directions to my house. 


Here's the next chapter for y'all, once again written by the amazing Skylar!

Ashbel: Oh your ego can go fuck itself

Skylar: Rude! Anyways, we hope you enjoy this chapter. Bai!

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